Thinking about LCD monitor change

Looks like I will have BeagleBoard soon which is great. But project will require also graphical output from it so here goes small problem — how to display it?

Currently I have 20″ LCD which is capable of 1680x1050px resolution and have two video inputs:

  • DVI where my desktop gfx card is connected
  • D-Sub where I have Koala NanoPC connected

BeagleBoard require DVI or HDMI input so I can not connect it to current panel. So there are few choices:

  • buy cheap 17-20″ LCD with DVI input and connect BB to it
  • buy FullHD (1920×1200 or 1920×1080) monitor with DVI/HDMI/D-Sub and use instead of current one.
  • like second option but use current one with BeagleBoard
  • do not buy any and use VNC to look what does BB display

OK, buying cheap LCD is not a problem — there are lot of them in local shops. The bigger problem is when I want to buy FullHD one. So far I created list of panels which are not an option and similar list of worth considering ones. So the choice for now looks like this:

MonitorResolutionDVID-SubHDMIPivotTV tunerNotes
iiyama B2409HDS1920×1080++1+
Samsung 2494HM1920×1080++1+
Samsung 2333HD1920×1080++2+no height regulation
Samsung 2493HM1920×1200++1+not available anymore
Samsung 2693HM1920×1200++1+
iiyama E2607WS1920×1200++1
Samsung T2401920×1200++1no height regulation
LG W2452V-PF1920×1200++1no height regulation

Can someone suggest other options?

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