My company

My company offers support for Linux related work covering (alphabetically):

  • Debian
  • Linaro
  • OpenEmbedded
  • Ubuntu
  • Yocto


Main areas of consulting are:

  • maintaining target devices support
  • maintaining private branches and overlays
  • merging metadata to/from upstream repositories (handling conflicts, adapting to style used by upstream projects)
  • adding software into upstream repositories (private, public)


All work done for client company which lands in public repository will be credited as done for that company. It can be marked as such by committing with hrw@COMPANY email address (if such will exists – name can be any other of course), or information can be part of commit message. Copyright for work done for company belongs to company (the one who pays is the one who owns copyright).

If the job is linked with confidential information which require signing NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) I can usually sign such one. If it contains non-compete clause then it has to be clearly defined. This is due to fact that I have also other clients.


Contact can be done by e-mail to address or XMPP/IM to account. In emergency situations I can be contacted by phone.

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