My ISP suxx

I am using the same ISP for over three years — it gives me internet access via cable TV. It works reliable (I had maybe 3-4 moments without network) but they got hit by popular problem — overbooking…

According to contract I have 3072/512kbps connection but during last weeks it is rather 3072/90kbps and it blocks me from sharing of my work with people (how long can you wait to push 40MB file over network?). All calls to their support sounds similiar — “we will contact our technical guys to check what is going on” ;(

Which ISP it is? It is ICP PoznaƄ.

Poky Linux 3.0 released

Today OpenedHand team (which I am proud to be a part of) released Poky Linux 3.0 ‘blinky’. I was working on it during last months. If you have free time then I suggest going to website and try it.

What interesting in this version? For me it is whole set of Matchbox components in new versions:

  • mb-desktop2 with much more usable navigation then it was in mb-d1
  • new panel which allow to remove window borders from screen (important on small resolutions)
  • menus integrated with panel (it reminds me PalmOS time)

And there is new look&feel named “Sato” and whole set of PIM applications named “Pimlico” (which is also used on OpenMoko powered phones).