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Table is maintained by Marcin Juszkiewicz — AArch64/Arm developer working at Red Hat as Linaro assignee.

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Covered years

Time Room Track Speaker(s) Title Slides WebM video
Sat 10:30 Janson Keynotes FOSDEM Staff Welcome to FOSDEM 2013 WebM video
Sat 11:00 Janson Keynotes Kohsuke Kawaguchi How we made the Jenkins community WebM video
Sat 12:00 Janson Keynotes Amelia Andersdotter The Devil is in the Details WebM video
Sat 13:00 Janson Security Isis Lovecruft The Open Observatory of Network Interference
Sat 14:00 Janson Security Simon Bennetts Practical Security for developers, using OWASP ZAP WebM video
Sat 15:00 Janson Security Gilles Van Assche, Joan Daemen, Michaël Peeters Keccak, More Than Just SHA3SUM WebM video
Sat 16:00 Janson Security Florian Weimer Trends in Open Source Security WebM video
Sat 17:00 Janson Security Simo Sorce How to build an Identity Management System on Linux WebM video
Sat 13:00 K.1.105 Operating systems Jon Masters Porting Fedora to 64-bit ARM systems WebM video
Sat 14:00 K.1.105 Operating systems Antti Kantee The Anykernel and Rump Kernels WebM video
Sat 15:00 K.1.105 Operating systems Luc Verhaegen Open ARM GPU drivers WebM video
Sat 16:00 K.1.105 Operating systems Thomas Petazzoni ARM support in the Linux kernel WebM video
Sat 17:00 K.1.105 Operating systems Wolfram Sang Maintaining a kernel subsystem WebM video
Sat 13:00 Ferrer Lightning talks Julien Dorra Coding Goûter WebM video
Sat 13:20 Ferrer Lightning talks Riccardo Bernardini Spoiling and Counter-spoiling WebM video
Sat 13:40 Ferrer Lightning talks Christophe Desclaux ZONE: towards a better news feed WebM video
Sat 14:00 Ferrer Lightning talks Fellipe Rollin Arduino: from prototype to final product WebM video
Sat 14:20 Ferrer Lightning talks Henrik Sandklef Searduino - Arduino simulator and C/C++ devel environment WebM video
Sat 14:40 Ferrer Lightning talks Paolo Valleri Vehicular traffic estimation through bluetooth WebM video
Sat 15:00 Ferrer Lightning talks Bas van den Berg The C2 programming language WebM video
Sat 15:20 Ferrer Lightning talks Justin Cormack A high level language for low level code WebM video
Sat 15:40 Ferrer Lightning talks Luc Yriarte Cloudeebus WebM video
Sat 16:00 Ferrer Lightning talks Jan-Simon Möller The LLVMLinux Project WebM video
Sat 16:20 Ferrer Lightning talks David Meder-Marouelli blkreplay WebM video
Sat 16:40 Ferrer Lightning talks Merlijn Wajer Tracy WebM video
Sat 17:00 Ferrer Lightning talks Christophe Vandeplas pystemon WebM video
Sat 17:20 Ferrer Lightning talks Daniel Faucon WebM video
Sat 17:40 Ferrer Lightning talks Romain Gauthier Fipes WebM video
Sat 18:00 Ferrer Lightning talks Netzob Devel Team Protocols Are Everywhere: RE with Netzob WebM video
Sat 18:20 Ferrer Lightning talks Shane Kerr BIND 10: DNS by Cooperating Processes WebM video
Sat 18:40 Ferrer Lightning talks koechlin thibault naxsi, an open-source web application firewall for nginx WebM video
Sat 11:00 Chavanne Virtualisation Hans de Goede QEMU USB status report 2012
Sat 11:30 Chavanne Virtualisation Andrey Vagin CRIU: Checkpoint and Restore (mostly) In Userspace
Sat 12:00 Chavanne Virtualisation Renzo Davoli Vtrill: Rbridges for Virtual Networking
Sat 12:30 Chavanne Virtualisation Karanbir Singh Bringing Xen to CentOS-6
Sat 13:00 Chavanne Virtualisation George Dunlap A brief tutorial on Xen's advanced security features
Sat 13:30 Chavanne Virtualisation Federico Simoncelli oVirt Live Storage Migration - Under the Hood
Sat 14:00 Chavanne Virtualisation Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) Automated OS installation? That's easy!
Sat 14:30 Chavanne Virtualisation Doron Fediuck oVirt SLA- MoM as host level enforcement agent
Sat 15:00 Chavanne Virtualisation Guido Trotter Ganeti 2.7 and beyond
Sat 15:30 Chavanne Virtualisation Doron Fediuck oVirt introduction
Sat 16:00 Chavanne Virtualisation Doron Fediuck oVirt and GlusterFS integration
Sat 16:30 Chavanne Virtualisation Olivier Lambert Xen Orchestra: A new Web UI for XCP
Sat 17:00 Chavanne Virtualisation Mike McClurg Beyond Xen: A look into the Xen Cloud Platform
Sat 17:30 Chavanne Virtualisation Oved Ourfalli Supporting and Using EC2/CIMI on top of Cloud Environments
Sat 18:00 Chavanne Virtualisation Ian Campbell Evolving Xen Paravirtualization
Sat 18:30 Chavanne Virtualisation Oved Ourfalli Using Foreman from the oVirt-engine Administrator UI
Sat 11:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile Björn Stenberg Rockbuild
Sat 12:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile Robert Schwebel, Michael Olbrich PTXdist
Sat 13:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile Tomas Frydrych Guacamayo -- Building Multimedia Appliance with Yocto
Sat 14:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile Lars Wirzenius, Rob Taylor Baserock Embedded Linux - an introduction
Sat 15:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile Marko Mattila QML Mobile Application Development - Showcase on Jolla Sailfish OS
Sat 16:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile Jens Georg, Mark Ryan Hands-on DLNA
Sat 17:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile David Navarro libdmclient, an open source implementation of OMA-DM
Sat 18:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile Vasilis (tzikis) Georgitzikis Using codebender as an IDE for Arduino and other embedded devices
Sat 11:00 H.1301 Cross distro Nikos Roussos The neat guide to Fedora RPM Packaging
Sat 12:00 H.1301 Cross distro Markus Lehtonen Building RPM packages from Git repositories with git-buildpackage WebM video
Sat 13:00 H.1301 Cross distro Donnie Berkholz Package management and creation in Gentoo Linux WebM video
Sat 14:00 H.1301 Cross distro Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera, Matthew Thode Eudev WebM video
Sat 15:30 H.1301 Cross distro Burcin Erocal lmonade WebM video
Sat 16:30 H.1301 Cross distro Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera Gentoo Hardened WebM video
Sat 17:30 H.1301 Cross distro Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera Hardening roundtable
Sat 18:00 H.1301 Cross distro Petteri Räty Gentoo BoF WebM video
Sat 11:00 H.1302 Cross distro Zachary Powell LinuxonAndroid and SlapOS on Android
Sat 12:00 H.1302 Cross distro Arnout Vandecappelle Emdedded distro shootout: buildroot vs. Debian WebM video
Sat 13:00 H.1302 Cross distro Andrew Wafaa ARM v7 State of the Body WebM video
Sat 14:30 H.1302 Cross distro Alexander Graf openSUSE on ARM WebM video
Sat 15:30 H.1302 Cross distro Andrew Wafaa ARMv8, ARM’s new architecture including 64-bit WebM video
Sat 16:30 H.1302 Cross distro Johannes Schauer Bootstrapping Debian-based distributions for new architectures WebM video
Sat 17:00 H.1302 Cross distro Wookey Bootstrapping the Debian/Ubuntu arm64 ports. WebM video
Sat 18:00 H.1302 Cross distro Andreas Tille Debian Med - a Debian Pure Blends for medical care and microbiological research WebM video
Sat 11:00 H.1308 Cross desktop Rob Bradford Wayland for Application Developers
Sat 11:45 H.1308 Cross desktop David King Ubuntu Online Accounts for application developers
Sat 12:10 H.1308 Cross desktop Alexandra Leisse Better software through user research
Sat 12:40 H.1308 Cross desktop Felipe Erias Morandeira Sketching interactions
Sat 13:30 H.1308 Cross desktop Alexander Neundorf, Bill Hoffman Modern CMake
Sat 14:30 H.1308 Cross desktop Tim-Philipp Müller GStreamer multimedia framework: what’s new?
Sat 15:00 H.1308 Cross desktop Nirbheek Chauhan GNOME
Sat 16:15 H.1308 Cross desktop Jerome Leclanche Razor-qt
Sat 16:40 H.1308 Cross desktop Adrian Perez de Castro State of the kit
Sat 17:00 H.1308 Cross desktop Kevin Krammer QML’s many faces
Sat 17:45 H.1308 Cross desktop Olivier Goffart Introduction to C++11 and its use inside Qt
Sat 11:00 H.1309 Testing and Automation Andrew Parker, Jeff Weiss Metaphor and BDD
Sat 11:50 H.1309 Testing and Automation James Page Automating OpenStack Testing on Ubuntu
Sat 12:40 H.1309 Testing and Automation Karl Krukow BDD for Mobile using Calabash
Sat 13:30 H.1309 Testing and Automation Željko Filipin How MediaWiki is tested
Sat 14:20 H.1309 Testing and Automation Radek Pazdera LNST - Automated and Portable Network Tests
Sat 15:10 H.1309 Testing and Automation Anders Nickelsen Scale your Jenkins build pipeline automatically to minimize test time
Sat 16:00 H.1309 Testing and Automation Maciej Pasternacki A Continuous Packaging Pipeline
Sat 16:50 H.1309 Testing and Automation Michael Hüttermann DevOps with Jenkins
Sat 17:15 H.1309 Testing and Automation Dirk Haun What's Our Status
Sat 17:40 H.1309 Testing and Automation Christopher Orr Building, testing and deploying mobile apps with Jenkins & friends
Sat 18:05 H.1309 Testing and Automation Kohsuke Kawaguchi Jenkins Developer Meetup and Birthday Toast
Sat 11:00 H.2213 Jabber Peter Saint-Andre XMPP 101
Sat 12:00 H.2213 Jabber Ralph Meijer Stump the Experts!
Sat 12:30 H.2213 Jabber Winfried Tilanus XMPP for Pythonistas
Sat 13:00 H.2213 Jabber Simon Tennant Building your own personal cloud using XMPP
Sat 13:30 H.2213 Jabber Lance Stout XMPP and JSON
Sat 14:00 H.2213 Jabber Waqas Hussain Securing BOSH Applications
Sat 15:00 H.2213 Jabber Jabber/XMPP Lightning Talks
Sat 15:30 H.2213 Jabber Peter Saint-Andre, Simon Tennant XMPP as Middleware?
Sat 16:00 H.2213 Jabber Emil Ivov Simple Video Bridge Control for Lightweight Video Conferencing with Jitsi
Sat 16:30 H.2213 Jabber Saúl Ibarra Corretgé Challenges in XMPP and SIP interoperability
Sat 17:00 H.2213 Jabber István Koren Session Mobility using XMPP
Sat 17:30 H.2213 Jabber Victor Klos, Eelco Cramer Massive service discovery for webinos and M2M
Sat 18:00 H.2213 Jabber Akari Harada, Kosuke Watanabe XMPP Visualization Tools
Sat 18:20 H.2213 Jabber Sergey Dobrov Object Relational Mapping Libraries for XMPP
Sat 18:40 H.2213 Jabber Diana Cionoiu Why File Information Sharing is So Freaking Awesome
Sat 11:00 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Italo Vignoli Storytelling FLOSS
Sat 11:25 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Davide Taibi, Valentina Lenarduzzi An Interactive Survey
Sat 11:50 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Deb Nicholson Messaging for Free Software Groups and Projects
Sat 12:15 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Dave Neary Using Personas to Target Users
Sat 12:40 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Richard Sands Wins and FLOSSes
Sat 13:05 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Sergiu Dumitriu Coping with the proliferation of tools within your community
Sat 13:50 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Robyn Bergeron Project Management in Distributed Open Source Communities
Sat 14:15 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Romeu Moura Lean Innovation
Sat 14:40 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Deb Nicholson Community Organizing for Free Software Activists
Sat 15:05 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Luca Ferroni Managing evolution for exciting teams and communities
Sat 15:30 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Romeu Moura Bandit Tests
Sat 15:55 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Lydia Pintscher, Leslie Hawthorn Community Management in Meat Space
Sat 16:20 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Juan Julián Merelo Fostering libre software from the university
Sat 16:40 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Emily Gonyer Growing GNOME’s Community
Sat 17:00 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Donnie Berkholz Bringing data science to community management
Sat 17:25 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Lydia Pintscher, Leslie Hawthorn Community at Scale
Sat 17:50 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Ludovic Dubost, Vincent Massol Combining Open Source ethics with private interests
Sat 18:10 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Donnie Berkholz Assholes are killing your project
Sat 18:35 H.2214 Community Development and Marketing Dawn Foster Open Source Community Metrics
Sat 11:00 AW1.120 Microkernels and Component-based OS Stefan Kalkowski Welcome and Introduction
Sat 11:20 AW1.120 Microkernels and Component-based OS Samuel Thibault The GNU/Hurd architecture, nifty features, and latest news
Sat 12:05 AW1.120 Microkernels and Component-based OS Jakub Jermář Every cloud has a silver lining and what we can learn from it
Sat 12:40 AW1.120 Microkernels and Component-based OS Louis Opter Rathaxes - A DSL for device driver development, why and how?
Sat 14:00 AW1.120 Microkernels and Component-based OS Martin Děcký OS Hot Topics
Sat 14:45 AW1.120 Microkernels and Component-based OS Norman Feske Reaching puberty - How Genode is becoming a general-purpose OS
Sat 15:30 AW1.120 Microkernels and Component-based OS Sartakov A. Vasily Microkernels and You - long path of the small project
Sat 16:05 AW1.120 Microkernels and Component-based OS Vojtěch Horký HelenOS: last year at a glance
Sat 16:45 AW1.120 Microkernels and Component-based OS Udo Steinberg The NOVA Microhypervisor Interface
Sat 17:30 AW1.120 Microkernels and Component-based OS Björn Döbel Romain: OS Support for Replicating Binary Applications
Sat 18:15 AW1.120 Microkernels and Component-based OS Martin Děcký, Norman Feske, Stefan Kalkowski, Samuel Thibault, Björn Döbel, Nils Asmussen Panel discussion
Sat 11:00 AW1.121 Graph Processing Pere Urbón-Bayes, Achim Friedland The room open() process
Sat 11:15 AW1.121 Graph Processing Philip Stutz Signal/Collect: Processing Large Graphs in Seconds
Sat 11:50 AW1.121 Graph Processing Jan Van Der Lugt Simplifying Scalable Graph Processing using a Domain-Specific Language
Sat 12:25 AW1.121 Graph Processing Michael Hunger An in-depth discussion of the Neo4j HA architecture
Sat 13:30 AW1.121 Graph Processing Frank Celler Storing and traversing large graphs in ArangoDB
Sat 14:05 AW1.121 Graph Processing Davy Suvee FluxGraph: A time-machine for your graphs
Sat 14:40 AW1.121 Graph Processing Peter Neubauer The Linked Data Benchmark Council - LDBC
Sat 15:15 AW1.121 Graph Processing Rene Pickhardt A Neo4j powered social networking and Question & Answer application to enhance scientific communication
Sat 15:50 AW1.121 Graph Processing Petra Selmer Flexible graph querying using the Flex-It querying language
Sat 16:15 AW1.121 Graph Processing Alberto Perdomo Squire: A polyglot application combining Neo4j, MongoDB, Ruby and Scala
Sat 16:50 AW1.121 Graph Processing Romeu Moura Mining Social Data
Sat 17:25 AW1.121 Graph Processing Alexis Jacomy Explore and visualize graphs with sigma.js
Sat 18:00 AW1.121 Graph Processing Axel Morgner Lessons Learned from Building a CMS based on Neo4j
Sat 18:30 AW1.121 Graph Processing Pere Urbón-Bayes, Achim Friedland The room shutdown() process
Sat 11:00 AW1.125 Apache OpenOffice Rony G. Flatscher Scripting Apache OpenOffice: Introductory Nutshell Programs (Writer, Calc, Impress)
Sat 12:00 AW1.125 Apache OpenOffice Armin Le Grand New possibilities with DrawObjects in the next version of Apache OpenOffice
Sat 12:45 AW1.125 Apache OpenOffice Andrea Pescetti Creating dictionaries for Apache OpenOffice and maintaining them through web services
Sat 14:00 AW1.125 Apache OpenOffice Andreas Weise Uncommon ways to use Apache OpenOffice macros for the management of large construction projects
Sat 14:30 AW1.125 Apache OpenOffice Regina Henschel Creating New Custom Shapes in Apache OpenOffice
Sat 15:15 AW1.125 Apache OpenOffice Fabrizio Marchesano Apache OpenOffice: The Task Pane Adventure
Sat 15:45 AW1.125 Apache OpenOffice Juergen Schmidt Tips and Tricks for Extension Developers for Apache OpenOffice
Sat 17:00 AW1.125 Apache OpenOffice Armin Le Grand, Juergen Schmidt, Regina Henschel Hacking Apache OpenOffice: how to start, and the next challenges
Sat 17:45 AW1.125 Apache OpenOffice Rony G. Flatscher Programming Apache OpenOffice: The Universal Network Object (UNO) Framework
Sat 11:00 AW1.126 Perl Claudio Ramirez, Wendy Van Dijk Welcome to the Perl dev-room
Sat 11:05 AW1.126 Perl Curtis Poe Inheritance versus Roles
Sat 11:50 AW1.126 Perl Corion Two Factor Authentication in Perl with Google Authenticator
Sat 12:15 AW1.126 Perl Juan Julián Merelo Evolutionary Algorithms in Perl Slides
Sat 12:40 AW1.126 Perl Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni What's new in Perl 5.16 & 5.18
Sat 13:05 AW1.126 Perl Bas Bloemsaat, Pascal Vree Things We Love and Hate About Perl @
Sat 13:50 AW1.126 Perl Carl Mäsak Perl 6: Dude, where's my flying car?
Sat 14:15 AW1.126 Perl Ben Evans What I Learned from the Perl community - Good & Bad from a Java hacker
Sat 14:40 AW1.126 Perl Elizabeth Cholet Automating Firefox with MozRepl, AnyEvent and Coro
Sat 15:25 AW1.126 Perl ribasushi Perl, your RDBMS, and you - Focus on the Perl module DBIx::Class
Sat 16:10 AW1.126 Perl Mark Overmeer Apache::Solr
Sat 16:45 AW1.126 Perl Jean-Marie Gouarné Perl/NoSQL, with a particular focus on MongoDB
Sat 17:30 AW1.126 Perl Getty Moving the Needle: business efficiency for developers
Sat 17:55 AW1.126 Perl Karl Moens Real Life Perl or Glueing the Pieces together
Sat 18:20 AW1.126 Perl Liz Mattijsen Perl's Diaspora: Perl 5, Moe, Rakudo, Niecza, Perlito
Sat 18:40 AW1.126 Perl Claudio Ramirez, Getty, Anatoly Sharifulin Lightning Talks Slides
Sat 14:00 Guillissen Certification LPI Team LPI Exam Session 1
Sat 16:00 Guillissen Certification LPI Team LPI Exam Session 2
Sat 14:00 UA2.114 Certification BSDCG Team BSDCG Exam Session
Sat 11:00 U.218A Mozilla Tristan Nitot The web is the platform
Sat 11:30 U.218A Mozilla Alfredos-Panagiotis Damkalis FirefoxOS: Port it… Build it… Flash it…
Sat 12:00 U.218A Mozilla Josh Matthews Looking for heroes: Start writing code for Firefox today!
Sat 12:30 U.218A Mozilla Janet Swisher Open Sourcing Documentation
Sat 13:30 U.218A Mozilla Clarista Mozilla and Mr. and Mrs Average
Sat 14:00 U.218A Mozilla Axel Hecht An Integrated Localization Environment
Sat 14:30 U.218A Mozilla Lucas Rocha, Chris Lord Firefox for Android: Now and the Future
Sat 15:00 U.218A Mozilla Mike Hommey Profiling your Firefox performance issues
Sat 15:30 U.218A Mozilla Tom Schuster, Nicolas Pierron IonMonkey: Yet Another JIT Compiler for JavaScript?
Sat 16:00 U.218A Mozilla Florian Quèze WebRTC: real time web communication
Sat 16:30 U.218A Mozilla Henrik Skupin, Dave Hunt Automating Firefox OS
Sat 17:00 U.218A Mozilla Brendan Dahl PDF.js - Firefox’s HTML5 PDF Viewer
Sat 17:30 U.218A Mozilla Pierre-Yves David Changesets evolution with Mercurial Slides
Sat 18:00 U.218A Mozilla Robert Kaiser Improving Stability of Mozilla Products
Sat 18:30 U.218A Mozilla Alice Lieutier, Antoine Duparay Web and online privacy
Sat 11:00 K.3.201 Legal issues Tom Marble, Bradley M. Kuhn, Karen Sandler, Richard Fontana Welcome to the Legal Policy and Issues DevRoom
Sat 11:05 K.3.201 Legal issues Bradley M. Kuhn, Karen Sandler, Harald Welte, Alexios Zavras, Richard Sands, Stefanie Pors Compliance Panel
Sat 12:00 K.3.201 Legal issues Till Jaeger What is a derivative work under European Copyright Law?
Sat 13:00 K.3.201 Legal issues Gabriel Holloway FOSS code goes in and never comes out
Sat 15:00 K.3.201 Legal issues Simon Phipps, Amanda Brock Should We Embrace App Stores?
Sat 16:00 K.3.201 Legal issues Pamela Chestek How to Share a Trademark
Sat 17:00 K.3.201 Legal issues Gervase Markham Mozilla: Licensing In The Trenches
Sat 18:00 K.3.201 Legal issues Bradley M. Kuhn, Richard Fontana, Christopher Webber, Eileen Evans Panel Discussion: GNU Affero General Public License, version 3
Sat 11:00 K.3.401 X.Org Ander Conselvan de Oliveira Using overlays in Weston with atomic page flip.
Sat 11:30 K.3.401 X.Org Ville Syrjala Atomic page flip and mode setting
Sat 12:00 K.3.401 X.Org Daniel Vetter drm/i915 updates
Sat 13:00 K.3.401 X.Org Martin Peres, Timothée Ravier DRI-next/DRM2: A walk through the Linux Graphics stack and its security.
Sat 14:00 K.3.401 X.Org David Herrmann Replacing CONFIG_VT/Linux-Console
Sat 15:00 K.3.401 X.Org Ian Romanick GPU hardware detection for automatic configuration of game quality/performance settings.
Sat 15:30 K.3.401 X.Org Donnie Berkholz X.Org community: Health, metrics, and GSoC
Sat 16:00 K.3.401 X.Org Matthieu Herrb The future of on non-Linux systems.
Sat 16:30 K.3.401 X.Org Marc Balmer Declarative style GUI programming
Sat 17:00 K.3.401 X.Org Rob Clark Freedreno/Gallium update
Sat 17:30 K.3.401 X.Org Connor Abbott Opening up the Mali 200/400 Instruction Set Architecture
Sat 18:00 K.3.401 X.Org Lucas Stach Tegra-DRM/OpenTegra status report
Sat 18:30 K.3.401 X.Org Michael Hasselman Wayland Input Methods
Sat 11:00 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Sylwester Arabas Welcome and introduction to the devroom
Sat 11:10 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Andreas Tille Debian Med
Sat 11:30 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Sébastien Jodogne Orthanc
Sat 11:50 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists René Rex AMEBA
Sat 12:10 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Filippo Rusconi Packaging mass spectrometry software in Debian
Sat 12:30 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Marcus D. Hanwell The Open Chemistry Project
Sat 12:50 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Federico Vaga, Alessandro Rubini ZIO: a framework for high capacity I/O
Sat 13:10 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists François Pellegrini How to mature a 20 years old Scotch
Sat 13:30 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists David Tschumperlé G’MIC (GREYC’s Magic Image Converter)
Sat 13:50 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Brian Standley Mezurit 2
Sat 14:10 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Mario Mulansky odeint - Solving ODEs in C++
Sat 14:30 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Karsten Ahnert Solving ODEs with Cuda/OpenCL
Sat 14:50 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Sylvestre Ledru Scilab: from research to the industry
Sat 16:00 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Thomas Neidhart, Gilles Sadowski Apache Commons Math
Sat 16:20 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Folkert Huizinga High performance streaming data processing
Sat 16:40 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Gijs Molenaar Automated detection and classification of transients in the radio spectrum
Sat 17:00 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Jens Timmerman, Kenneth Hoste EasyBuild
Sat 17:20 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Juan Julián Merelo Make free science free
Sat 17:40 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Romain Reuillon, Mathieu Leclaire OpenMOLE
Sat 18:00 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Juan A. Añel
Sat 18:20 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Nicolas Limare Software as Science
Sat 18:40 K.3.601 FOSS for Scientists Christos Siopis Open Discussion
Sat 11:00 K.4.201 PHP and Friends Ian Barber How Google builds web services
Sat 12:00 K.4.201 PHP and Friends Andrew Taylor Using Beanstalkd to spread the work of your PHP application
Sat 13:00 K.4.201 PHP and Friends Ole Michaelis What’s wrong with php?
Sat 13:30 K.4.201 PHP and Friends Volker Dusch PHPUnit Best Practices
Sat 14:00 K.4.201 PHP and Friends Robert Lemke TYPO3 Flow and the Joy of Development
Sat 15:00 K.4.201 PHP and Friends Helgi Þorbjörnsson Nginx and PHP, match made in heaven
Sat 16:00 K.4.201 PHP and Friends Daniel Kucharski Welcome to the Symfony2 World
Sat 17:00 K.4.201 PHP and Friends Sara Golemon PHP Extension Writing
Sat 11:00 K.4.401 Free Java Mark Reinhold The State of OpenJDK
Sat 11:40 K.4.401 Free Java Sean Coffey OpenJDK7u, progress and highlights
Sat 12:30 K.4.401 Free Java Stanislav Ochotnicky, Mikołaj Izdebski (R)evolution of Java packaging in Linux
Sat 14:00 K.4.401 Free Java Andrew Haley, Andrew Dinn Porting OpenJDK to AArch64
Sat 14:50 K.4.401 Free Java Volker Simonis, Goetz Lindenmaier, Steve Poole Power to the people - the OpenJDK PowerPC/AIX port Slides
Sat 15:40 K.4.401 Free Java Roman Kennke Return of the Shark
Sat 16:20 K.4.401 Free Java Raoul-Gabriel Urma A Research Platform for Java and Other (Crazy?) Ideas
Sat 17:10 K.4.401 Free Java Steve O’Grady What Java Can Learn from the Rise of JavaScript? Slides
Sat 17:50 K.4.401 Free Java Simon Phipps A New OSI For A New Era
Sat 18:25 K.4.401 Free Java Mark Reinhold, Andrew Haley, Georges Saab, Doug Lea OpenJDK Governing Board Q&A
Sat 11:00 K.4.601 Configuration Systems Management Eric Sorenson, Nathen Harvey, Sigurd Teigen Intro to Chef, Puppet and CFEngine
Sat 14:00 K.4.601 Configuration Systems Management Nathen Harvey Learning to Automate
Sat 15:00 K.4.601 Configuration Systems Management Bryan Berry Using Ruby Testing Frameworks to bring sanity to your infrastructure
Sat 16:00 K.4.601 Configuration Systems Management Jonathan Clarke Automating Security Policies, from deployment to auditing using Rudder
Sat 17:00 K.4.601 Configuration Systems Management Volker Hilsheimer Engineering Resilient Systems through Cross-Disciplinary Insight
Sun 10:00 Janson Beyond operating systems Jeremy Allison Samba4 WebM video
Sun 11:00 Janson Beyond operating systems Jonas Sicking Firefox OS WebM video
Sun 12:00 Janson Beyond operating systems Lennart Poettering systemd, Two Years Later WebM video
Sun 13:00 Janson Beyond operating systems Eben Moglen, Bdale Garbee FreedomBox 1.0 WebM video
Sun 14:00 Janson Open source challenges Peter Saint-Andre, Bdale Garbee, Daniel Pocock, Simon Tennant, Evan Prodromou, Daniel-Constantin Mierla, Emil Ivov Free, open, secure and convenient communications WebM video
Sun 15:00 Janson Open source challenges Michael Meeks LibreOffice: cleaning and re-factoring a giant code-base WebM video
Sun 16:00 Janson Open source challenges Vincent Untz Has the GNOME community gone crazy? WebM video
Sun 17:00 Janson Keynotes Leslie Hawthorn The Keeper of Secrets WebM video
Sun 17:50 Janson Keynotes FOSDEM Staff Closing FOSDEM 2013 WebM video
Sun 10:00 K.1.105 Web development Sara Golemon Scaling PHP with HipHop WebM video
Sun 11:00 K.1.105 Web development Denis Defreyne Static site generation for the masses WebM video
Sun 12:00 K.1.105 Robotics Dimitri Merejkowsky Aldebaran Robotics and Open Source WebM video
Sun 13:00 K.1.105 Robotics Morgan Quigley ROS: towards open source in robotics WebM video
Sun 14:00 K.1.105 Miscellaneous Jeremiah C. Foster Vroom! Free Software in your car WebM video
Sun 15:00 K.1.105 Miscellaneous Bill Hoffman Open Science, Open Software, and Reproducible Code
Sun 16:00 K.1.105 Miscellaneous Cathy Malmrose UEFI SecureBoot WebM video
Sun 10:00 Ferrer Lightning talks Jonathan Mercier-Ganady Actionaz: Automation for everyone WebM video
Sun 10:20 Ferrer Lightning talks Tomaz Muraus I’m Luvin’ It WebM video
Sun 10:40 Ferrer Lightning talks Franz Liedke FluxBB WebM video
Sun 11:00 Ferrer Lightning talks Sanel Zukan EDE, a light desktop environmnent WebM video
Sun 11:20 Ferrer Lightning talks Greg Sutcliffe Managing your metal flexibly WebM video
Sun 11:40 Ferrer Lightning talks Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona Do you want to measure your project? WebM video
Sun 12:00 Ferrer Lightning talks Grégoire Vincke eTests WebM video
Sun 12:20 Ferrer Lightning talks Shaun Schutte eGov Testing Machine to ensure Free Software users freedom to access eGovernment services WebM video
Sun 12:40 Ferrer Lightning talks Torsten Grote Kolab Groupware WebM video
Sun 14:00 Ferrer Lightning talks Erik Albers Phone liberation parties WebM video
Sun 14:20 Ferrer Lightning talks Steffen Gebert The development infrastructure of the TYPO3 project WebM video
Sun 14:40 Ferrer Lightning talks Maciej Pasternacki Vendorificator WebM video
Sun 15:00 Ferrer Lightning talks Marco Pattaro STAR: a Python Pandas dressing WebM video
Sun 15:20 Ferrer Lightning talks Quim Gil How to hack on Wikipedia WebM video
Sun 15:40 Ferrer Lightning talks Steffen Gebert Using Gerrit Code Review in an open-source project WebM video
Sun 16:00 Ferrer Lightning talks David King EasyTAG WebM video
Sun 16:20 Ferrer Lightning talks Thomas Hocedez Borderlands, Granular Sequencer WebM video
Sun 16:40 Ferrer Lightning talks Teun de Lange Jazzperiments WebM video
Sun 09:30 Chavanne Cloud Thierry Carrez State of the OpenStack Union, 2013 WebM video
Sun 10:00 Chavanne Cloud Mark McLoughlin OpenStack: 21st Century App Architecture and Cloud Operations WebM video
Sun 10:30 Chavanne Cloud Sebastien Goasguen Apache CloudStack features and tools Slides WebM video
Sun 11:00 Chavanne Cloud Jaime Melis Getting Started Hacking on OpenNebula Slides WebM video
Sun 11:30 Chavanne Cloud Zeeshan Ali Shah Enabling cloud for e-Science with OpenNebula WebM video
Sun 12:00 Chavanne Cloud Michal Fojtik Apache Deltacloud API v1.0 Slides WebM video
Sun 12:30 Chavanne Cloud Xavier Coulon Build and deploy your app on your own cloud with OpenShift Origin Slides WebM video
Sun 13:30 Chavanne Cloud Martyn Taylor Image management in a federated cloud environment WebM video
Sun 14:00 Chavanne Cloud Vangelis Koukis Introducing the Synnefo open source IaaS cloud platform WebM video
Sun 14:30 Chavanne Cloud Charles Loomis StratusLab: Darn Simple Cloud WebM video
Sun 15:00 Chavanne Cloud Robert Clark Security Priorities for Cloud Developers
Sun 15:30 Chavanne Cloud Tomas Sedovic Orchestrating complex deployments on OpenStack using Heat WebM video
Sun 16:00 Chavanne Cloud Cedric de Saint-Martin, Viktor Horvath SlapOS, an efficient all-in-one cloud Slides WebM video
Sun 16:30 Chavanne Cloud Nick Barcet, Eoghan Glynn, Julien Danjou Measuring OpenStack: the Ceilometer Project
Sun 10:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile Dimitrios Amaxilatis Making a Hackerspace Smart
Sun 11:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile Andi Shyti Enabling better device interaction with accelerometers
Sun 12:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile Marko Saukko Porting Nemo Mobile and Mer Project to new Hardware
Sun 13:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile Riku Voipio Porting applications to 64-Bit ARM Architecture
Sun 14:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile Mirko Boehm The perils of patents for embedded & mobile development
Sun 15:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile Denis Carikli Android freedom and Replicant
Sun 16:00 Lameere Embedded and mobile Xulio Coira Open Source Hardware Bagpipes
Sun 10:00 H.1301 Cross distro Tollef Fog Heen, Michael Biebl systemd in Debian WebM video
Sun 11:00 H.1301 Cross distro Pavel Šimerda Can Linux network configuration suck less? WebM video
Sun 12:00 H.1301 Cross distro Ben Hutchings Stable kernel maintenance for distributions WebM video
Sun 13:00 H.1301 Cross distro Karanbir Singh, Jaime Melis Raindrops WebM video
Sun 13:30 H.1301 Cross distro Norbert Preining Distributing TeX and Friends - methods, pitfalls, advise WebM video
Sun 14:30 H.1301 Cross distro Sylvestre Ledru Make Debian compiler agnostic - Building Debian with LLVM/Clang WebM video
Sun 15:00 H.1301 Cross distro Josselin Mouette Understanding GNOME internals to administrate desktop Debian machines WebM video
Sun 10:30 H.1302 Cross distro Alexis Gavoty Why you no host? WebM video
Sun 11:00 H.1302 Cross distro Subhendu Ghosh A method for distributing applications independent from the distro WebM video
Sun 12:00 H.1302 Cross distro Karanbir Singh, Jaime Melis BuildSys and QA in CentOS using a Private Cloud: OpenNebula WebM video
Sun 13:00 H.1302 Cross distro Ian Jackson Incompatibility and Pain - a perspective from upstream WebM video
Sun 13:30 H.1302 Cross distro Peter Czanik Being a good upstream - the syslog-ng PoV WebM video
Sun 16:00 H.1302 Cross distro David Greaves How do we make "Qt on Mer" the solution of choice for device vendors? WebM video
Sun 10:15 H.1308 Cross desktop Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias How GNOME Obsoleted its "Enable Accessibility" Setting
Sun 11:00 H.1308 Cross desktop Kevin Krammer KDE libraries for Qt application developers
Sun 11:45 H.1308 Cross desktop Boris Faure Terminology
Sun 12:10 H.1308 Cross desktop Aaron Seigo Plasma Active: Free Software for Devices
Sun 13:00 H.1308 Cross desktop Travis Reitter Getting Serious About the Developer Experience
Sun 13:30 H.1308 Cross desktop Sanel Zukan Introducing FLTK
Sun 14:30 H.1308 Cross desktop Cedric Bail, Rasterman Enlightenment 0.17
Sun 15:00 H.1308 Cross desktop Thiago Macieira, Frederik Gladhorn Qt Project Update
Sun 16:15 H.1308 Cross desktop Tom Hacohen Clouseau
Sun 16:40 H.1308 Cross desktop Debarshi Ray Introducing GNOME Photos
Sun 09:00 H.1309 Telephony Luca Pradovera Integrating Voice through Adhearsion WebM video
Sun 09:35 H.1309 Telephony Saúl Ibarra Corretgé SIP is hard, let's go shopping!
Sun 10:10 H.1309 Telephony Joshua Colp Propelling Asterisk into new SIP grounds
Sun 10:45 H.1309 Telephony Răzvan Crainea OpenSIPS at the core of a distributed and maintainable VoIP platform
Sun 11:30 H.1309 Telephony Daniel-Constantin Mierla, Peter Dunkley MSRP and SIP over WebSocket in Kamailio
Sun 12:15 H.1309 Telephony Emil Ivov Hangout-like video conferences with Jitsi and XMPP
Sun 13:05 H.1309 Telephony Alexandr Dubovikov, Lorenzo Mangani HEPv3: The Next-Generation Encapsulation Protocol
Sun 13:40 H.1309 Telephony Darren Schreiber Kazoo: An elegant Distributed Open-Source stack for Telecom
Sun 14:15 H.1309 Telephony Saúl Ibarra Corretgé From SIP to XMPP and vice versa
Sun 14:50 H.1309 Telephony Aleksander Morgado So your mobile broadband modem speaks... what?
Sun 15:30 H.1309 Telephony Peter Saint-Andre, Daniel Pocock Panel Discussion: The challenges of federated and distributed free Real-time Communications and its significance to the Free and Open Source Software community
Sun 09:00 H.2213 LibreOffice Italo Vignoli Introducing LibreOffice 4.0
Sun 09:20 H.2213 LibreOffice Andreas Mantke The Upgrade of the LibreOffice Template Repository
Sun 09:40 H.2213 LibreOffice Shaun Schutte How to ensure that eGovernment forms are compatible with Free Software?
Sun 10:00 H.2213 LibreOffice Cor Nouws, QA Volunteer Simple introduction to LibreOffice QA
Sun 10:20 H.2213 LibreOffice Michael Meeks General easy hacks for new hackers
Sun 10:40 H.2213 LibreOffice Caolán McNamara Widget Layout, tutorial
Sun 11:20 H.2213 LibreOffice Markus Mohrhard Debugging calc filter problems
Sun 11:40 H.2213 LibreOffice Miklos Vajna How to debug Writer file format issues?
Sun 12:00 H.2213 LibreOffice Andras Timar Recent changes in localization toolchain
Sun 12:20 H.2213 LibreOffice Jan Holesovsky MinGW-w64 & Wine
Sun 12:40 H.2213 LibreOffice Cedric Bosdonnat LibreOffice now accesses my documents through CMIS
Sun 13:00 H.2213 LibreOffice Stephan Bergmann Well-typed UNO
Sun 13:40 H.2213 LibreOffice Fridrich Strba Give me my drawing back!
Sun 14:20 H.2213 LibreOffice Eike Rathke Language tags - or, what is BCP 47 and why would we want it
Sun 15:25 H.2213 LibreOffice Eilidh McAdam Interoperability improvements
Sun 15:40 H.2213 LibreOffice Jan Holesovsky New data structure for Writer core?
Sun 16:20 H.2213 LibreOffice Thorsten Behrens Hacking Android remote
Sun 17:00 H.2213 LibreOffice Markus Mohrhard Finding and fixing performance problems in Calc
Sun 09:15 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Frédéric Descamps Welcome in the MySQL & Friends Devroom 2013
Sun 09:30 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Stéphane Combaudon 5 Percona Toolkit tools that could save your day
Sun 10:00 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Lars Thalmann What’s new in MySQL
Sun 10:30 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Maciej Dobrzanski Hardening MySQL
Sun 11:00 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Colin Charles Automated MySQL failover with MHA: getting started & moving past its quirks
Sun 11:30 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Sveta Smirnova Troubleshooting MySQL performance
Sun 12:00 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Justin Swanhart Divide and conquer in the cloud: one big server or many small ones?
Sun 12:30 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Luis Soares Advanced MySQL Replication Architectures
Sun 13:00 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Øystein Grøvlen When and How to Take Advantage of New Optimizer Features in MySQL 5.6
Sun 13:30 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Giuseppe Maxia Avoid multi-master conflicts with Tungsten
Sun 14:00 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Henrik Ingo Synchronous multi-master clustering with MySQL: an introduction to Galera
Sun 14:30 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Daniël Van Eeden How to get MySQL to fail
Sun 15:00 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Andrew Morgan Introduction to MySQL Cluster
Sun 15:30 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Peter Boros Keeping the slave’s buffer pool warm for failover with Percona Playback
Sun 16:00 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Andrew Morgan NoSQL and SQL: Blending the Best of Both Worlds
Sun 16:30 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Raghavendra Prabhu Feed me more: Memory appetite of MySQL analysed
Sun 17:00 H.2214 MySQL and Friends Dieter Adriaenssens Present and future of phpMyAdmin
Sun 09:00 AW1.120 Ada Dirk Craeynest Welcome
Sun 09:05 AW1.120 Ada Jean-Pierre Rosen Introduction to Ada for Beginning and Experienced Programmers
Sun 10:00 AW1.120 Ada Philippe Waroquiers Tools and Techniques for Higher Reliability Software
Sun 11:00 AW1.120 Ada José F. Ruiz Ada on Android
Sun 12:00 AW1.120 Ada Ludovic Brenta Ada Tasking: Multithreading Made Easy
Sun 14:00 AW1.120 Ada Jean-Pierre Rosen Ada Steaming Ahead: New 2012 Features
Sun 15:00 AW1.120 Ada José F. Ruiz Compile-Time Dimensionality Checking
Sun 15:30 AW1.120 Ada Kim Rostgaard Christensen Telephone Reception Management with Alice on Pi
Sun 16:00 AW1.120 Ada Valentine Reboul Simplifying the Use of Formal Methods
Sun 09:00 AW1.121 PostgreSQL Olivier Chaussavoine openbarter, a possible solution for ecological regulation
Sun 10:00 AW1.121 PostgreSQL Dimitri Fontaine Event Triggers Slides
Sun 11:00 AW1.121 PostgreSQL Vincent Picavet PostGIS 2.0 and beyond Slides
Sun 12:00 AW1.121 PostgreSQL Christoph Berg Making a Reality Slides
Sun 13:00 AW1.121 PostgreSQL Craig Kerstiens Postgres Demystified Slides
Sun 14:00 AW1.121 PostgreSQL Christophe Pettus PostgreSQL as a Schemaless Database Slides
Sun 15:00 AW1.121 PostgreSQL Dimitri Fontaine Implementing High Availability Slides
Sun 16:00 AW1.121 PostgreSQL Marc Balmer Practical Tips for Better PostgreSQL Applications
Sun 09:30 AW1.125 Open Source Game Development Michael Mrozek Pandora - a mobile Linux computer including gaming controls
Sun 10:40 AW1.125 Open Source Game Development Thomas Kinnen Continuous Integration and Testing in Games
Sun 11:50 AW1.125 Open Source Game Development Nils Kneuper CANCELLED - Community based translations of games
Sun 13:00 AW1.125 Open Source Game Development Shreya Pandit The Gluon Project Update
Sun 13:40 AW1.125 Open Source Game Development Jérémy Rosen An introduction to the Wesnoth animation engine
Sun 14:50 AW1.125 Open Source Game Development Ludwig Nussel Explaining the Quake 3 virtual machine
Sun 16:00 AW1.125 Open Source Game Development Nils Kneuper Open source gaming discussions
Sun 09:00 AW1.126 Smalltalk Stephan Eggermont Meet the smalltalkers, show us your project
Sun 10:00 AW1.126 Smalltalk David Chisnall Étoilé: Bringing Dynamic Languages to Static Environments
Sun 11:00 AW1.126 Smalltalk Marcus Denker State of Pharo
Sun 12:00 AW1.126 Smalltalk Craig Latta Treaty, An Active Filesystem
Sun 12:30 AW1.126 Smalltalk Craig Latta Squeak Latest Developments
Sun 13:30 AW1.126 Smalltalk John Thornton Amber Smalltalk
Sun 14:30 AW1.126 Smalltalk Stephan Eggermont Back to the Future
Sun 10:30 Guillissen Certification LPI Team LPI Exam Session 3
Sun 13:00 Guillissen Certification LPI Team LPI Exam Session 4
Sun 15:00 Guillissen Certification LPI Team LPI Exam Session 5
Sun 09:00 U.218A Mozilla Zbigniew Braniecki, Staś Małolepszy L20N
Sun 09:30 U.218A Mozilla Dan Callahan, Shane Tomlinson Set your domain up to be a Persona Identity Provider
Sun 10:00 U.218A Mozilla Nicolas Silva Gecko's asynchronous compositing architecture
Sun 10:30 U.218A Mozilla Irakli Gozalshvili Hacking Firefox made easy
Sun 11:00 U.218A Mozilla Melek Jebnoun Women and Challenges in Open Source Projects
Sun 11:30 U.218A Mozilla Jean-Yves Perrier What's new in CSS?
Sun 12:00 U.218A Mozilla François Remy W3C Extensible Web Community Group presentation
Sun 12:30 U.218A Mozilla Ioana Chiorean Mobile Web and Firefox - Web Compatibility
Sun 13:30 U.218A Mozilla Bas Schouten Contributing to graphics in Gecko
Sun 14:00 U.218A Mozilla Christos Bacharakis Firefox OS and Web Applications - Debugging made easy
Sun 14:30 U.218A Mozilla Fabien Cazenave webL10n: client-side i18n / l10n library
Sun 15:00 U.218A Mozilla Paul Adenot Current state and future of audio and video in Firefox
Sun 15:30 U.218A Mozilla Jon Coppeard SpiderMonkey garbage collection
Sun 16:00 U.218A Mozilla Abdulkadir Topal, Ricky Rosario Open Source Support for 400+ million users
Sun 16:30 U.218A Mozilla Vasilis (tzikis) Georgitzikis WebFWD: Moving the web forward
Sun 09:00 K.3.201 Legal issues Jean-Baptiste Kempf Relicensing libVLC and VLC modules from GPL to LGPL
Sun 10:00 K.3.201 Legal issues John Sullivan State of the GNUnion
Sun 11:00 K.3.201 Legal issues Maureen O’Sullivan, Ian Ó Maolchraoibhe Legally Cementing Licences in Legislation
Sun 12:00 K.3.201 Legal issues Richard Fontana copyleft-next: an introduction
Sun 14:00 K.3.201 Legal issues Aaron Williamson Why the free software phone doesn't exist
Sun 15:00 K.3.201 Legal issues Simo Sorce Copyleft vs permissive vs contributor license agreements
Sun 16:00 K.3.201 Legal issues Otto Kekäläinen Fixing public procurement
Sun 09:00 K.3.401 Python Lionel Dricot Handling acyclic graphs with liblarch
Sun 09:30 K.3.401 Python Ryan Faulkner Research / Data Analyst
Sun 10:00 K.3.401 Python Sandro Munda Detect merge conflicts in realtime
Sun 10:30 K.3.401 Python Juan Batiz-Benet datastore - a key-value store layer of abstraction
Sun 11:00 K.3.401 Python Vincent Driessen Lessons learned from creating pleasurable libraries like RQ
Sun 11:30 K.3.401 Python Thierry Carrez Get a Python job, work on OpenStack
Sun 12:00 K.3.401 Python Alexis Métaireau Astonishing python tricks
Sun 12:30 K.3.401 Python Benoit Chesneau Gaffer - Application deployement, monitoring and supervision made simple.
Sun 12:50 K.3.401 Python Michel Cervello Plone, the best python-based CMS
Sun 13:10 K.3.401 Python Till von Ahnen Visualisation of public available FlightData
Sun 13:30 K.3.401 Python Andrea Crotti TDD from scratch
Sun 14:00 K.3.401 Python Tarek Ziade Vaurien The Chaos TCP Proxy
Sun 14:30 K.3.401 Python Kenneth Reitz Python for Humans
Sun 15:00 K.3.401 Python Saúl Ibarra Corretgé How do event loops work in Python?
Sun 15:30 K.3.401 Python Victor Stinner Two projects to optimize Python
Sun 16:00 K.3.401 Python Benoit Chesneau Experimentation in porting the Go concurrency model to Python
Sun 16:30 K.3.401 Python Jens Timmerman, Kenneth Hoste EasyBuild: building software with ease
Sun 09:00 K.3.601 Wine Project Alexandre Julliard Wine Keynote
Sun 10:00 K.3.601 Wine Project Rosanne DiMesio Wine for Users
Sun 11:00 K.3.601 Wine Project Vincent Povirk Mono Development for Wine
Sun 13:00 K.3.601 Wine Project Stefan Dösinger Status of 3D drivers for modern gaming
Sun 14:00 K.3.601 Wine Project Vincent Povirk, André Hentschel Wine on ARM
Sun 15:00 K.3.601 Wine Project François Gouget WineTestBot
Sun 16:00 K.3.601 Wine Project Jeremy White Wine BOF
Sun 11:00 K.4.201 BSD Benny Siegert Go on NetBSD
Sun 12:00 K.4.201 BSD Roger Pau Monné Benefits of the new Xen paravirtualization mode
Sun 13:00 K.4.201 BSD Marc Balmer The Lua Scripting Language in the NetBSD Kernel
Sun 14:00 K.4.201 BSD David Chisnall Supporting the new C and C++ standards in FreeBSD
Sun 15:00 K.4.201 BSD Mike Belopuhov Improvements in the OpenBSD IPsec stack
Sun 16:00 K.4.201 BSD Paul Schenkeveld bhyve
Sun 10:00 K.4.401 Free Java Charles Nutter Invokedynamic: Tales from the Trenches
Sun 10:50 K.4.401 Free Java Jérôme Pilliet Android 292
Sun 11:40 K.4.401 Free Java Paul Sandoz OpenJDK Lambda the Ultimate Slides
Sun 12:30 K.4.401 Free Java Mario Torre, Roman Kennke Thermostat: The road from 0.1 to 1.0, a success story (in progress)
Sun 14:00 K.4.401 Free Java Ben Evans, Martijn Verburg Adopt OpenJDK. What we’ve learned, where we’re going. Slides
Sun 14:40 K.4.401 Free Java Martijn Verburg, Heather VanCura JCP state of the nation and future directions
Sun 15:20 K.4.401 Free Java Sven Gothel, Julien Gouesse, Xerxes Rånby JogAmp Fast Media & Processing regardless whether the JVM is slow or not Slides
Sun 16:10 K.4.401 Free Java Ben Evans, Anna Barraclough A F/OSS Garbage Collection Visualizer
Sun 17:00 K.4.401 Free Java Dalibor Topić Getting up and running with Nashorn & OpenJFX
Sun 10:00 K.4.601 NoSQL Gustavo Fernandes NoSQL and Big Data for Devops: Large scale deployment with Puppet and Maven
Sun 11:00 K.4.601 NoSQL Lars George HBase Sizing Notes
Sun 12:00 K.4.601 NoSQL Tugdual Grall Getting Started with Couchbase
Sun 14:00 K.4.601 NoSQL Nathan Bijnens A real-time architecture using Hadoop & Storm.
Sun 15:00 K.4.601 NoSQL GraphDB
Sun 16:00 K.4.601 NoSQL Jonathan Ellis Five questions to ask about NoSQL
Sun 17:00 K.4.601 NoSQL Christian Kvalheim MongoDB Internals