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Time Room Track Speaker(s) Title Slides MP4 video
Sat 09:30 Janson Keynotes FOSDEM Staff Welcome to FOSDEM 2015
Sat 10:00 Janson Keynotes Karen Sandler Identity Crisis: Are we who we say we are?
Sat 11:00 Janson Keynotes Antti Kantee What is wrong with Operating Systems
Sat 12:00 Janson Miscellaneous Jonas Öberg Automating Attribution
Sat 13:00 Janson Miscellaneous Sylvestre Ledru, Lukas Blakk A new version of Firefox is available
Sat 14:00 Janson Performance Stefan Marr Building High-Performance Language Implementations With Low Effort
Sat 15:00 Janson Performance Giulio Eulisse IgProf MP4 video
Sat 16:00 Janson Performance James Pallister Superoptimization MP4 video
Sat 17:00 Janson Performance Lukas Berk Ubiquitous Performance Analysis and System Introspection MP4 video
Sat 12:00 K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Hardware Federico Vaga, Matthieu Cattin A GPS watch made of free software and hardware MP4 video
Sat 13:00 K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Hardware Alex Bradbury lowRISC
Sat 14:00 K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Hardware Jonathan Woodruff BERI MP4 video
Sat 15:00 K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Hardware Yorik van Havre FreeCAD MP4 video
Sat 16:00 K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Miscellaneous Holger Levsen, Jérémy Bobbio (Lunar) Stretching out for trustworthy reproducible builds MP4 video
Sat 12:55 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Tias Guns, Alasdair Kergon Lightning Talks Welcome
Sat 13:00 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Christophe Beyls Developing FOSDEM Companion
Sat 13:20 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Steven Goodwin Ultra - Smallest. Web server. Evar.
Sat 13:40 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Sebastian Noack How adblockers work
Sat 14:00 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks DJ Adams A Whirlwind Introduction to OpenUI5
Sat 14:20 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Tobias Nyholm All about Hack in 15 minutes
Sat 14:40 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Tobias Schottdorf CockroachDB
Sat 15:00 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Bruno Coudoin GCompris goes Qt Quick with the help of KDE
Sat 15:20 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks István Koren Requirements Bazaar
Sat 15:40 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Emil Ivov Scalable Video Conferencing with Jitsi Videobridge
Sat 16:00 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Florian Schmaus XMPP and Android
Sat 16:20 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Oddvar Lovaas, Matthew Hodgson - a new open standard for distributed, real-time communication
Sat 16:40 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Petru Nicolaescu, Kevin Jahns Yjs: A Real-Time Framework for Peer-to-peer Group Editing on Arbitrary Data Types
Sat 17:00 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Saúl Ibarra Corretgé Building an Open Source VoIP hardware phone
Sat 17:20 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Vasileios Georgitzikis codebender: Arduino programing, online
Sat 17:40 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Urs Fässler Rizzly: Event Driven Microcontroller Programming Slides
Sat 18:00 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Frederic Gurr Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter
Sat 18:20 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Behan Webster LLVMLinux
Sat 18:40 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Daniel Lovasko Pretty-printing kernel data structures
Sat 10:40 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Infrastructure as a service Arik Hadas Moving your Virtual Machines to oVirt with ease
Sat 11:00 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Infrastructure as a service Dave Lester Build Distributed, Fault-Tolerant Infrastructure with Apache Mesos MP4 video
Sat 11:40 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Infrastructure as a service Niels de Vos GlusterFS - Overview & Future Directions MP4 video
Sat 12:20 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Infrastructure as a service Federico Simoncelli oVirt and Gluster Hyperconvergence MP4 video
Sat 13:00 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Infrastructure as a service Loic Dachary, Sage Weil Leveraging Ceph MP4 video
Sat 13:40 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Infrastructure as a service Jaime Melis OpenNebula Deployments, from Small to Massive MP4 video
Sat 14:20 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Infrastructure as a service Duncan Thomas Cinder - the state of block storage in Openstack MP4 video
Sat 15:00 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Infrastructure as a service Stefano Stabellini OpenStack and Xen MP4 video
Sat 15:40 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Infrastructure as a service Roy Golan Smart VM scheduling in oVirt cluster MP4 video
Sat 16:20 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Infrastructure as a service John Mark Walker What you can do with open source cloud management (and ManageIQ)
Sat 17:00 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Infrastructure as a service Giuseppe Paternò Why we tried (and ignored) famous IaaS to deliver SecurePass MP4 video
Sat 17:20 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Infrastructure as a service Graham Hayes Designate - DNS as a Service for Openstack MP4 video
Sat 17:40 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Infrastructure as a service Flavio Percoco IaaS Beyond the Infrastructure MP4 video
Sat 18:00 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Infrastructure as a service Thierry Carrez, Itamar Heim, jzb, Lars Kurth, Dave Lester, Luca Gibelli IaaS Devroom Panel
Sat 10:30 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Hans de Goede Upstream Allwinner ARM SoC (A10 / sunxi) support status MP4 video
Sat 11:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Atilla Filiz FreeRTOS introduction MP4 video
Sat 11:30 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Jimmy Durand Wesolowski Xvisor: An open-source, lightweight, embedded hypervisor for your car MP4 video
Sat 12:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded John 'Warthog9' Hawley Teaching Fish to Fly
Sat 13:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded David Greaves Recycle your Android devices for anything : run real Linux on them MP4 video
Sat 14:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Steven Goodwin How to program your camera! MP4 video
Sat 15:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Embedded freedom roundtable MP4 video
Sat 16:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Jean Pihet perf status on ARM and ARM64
Sat 16:30 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Adrien Renault Building a medical monitoring connected device with Yocto
Sat 17:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Riku Voipio Using LAVA for bisecting bugs MP4 video
Sat 18:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Philip Downer How to record all TV MP4 video
Sat 10:30 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Stéphane Wirtel Python & PostgreSQL, a Wonderful Wedding Slides
Sat 11:00 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Pierre Denis Lea, a probability engine in Python
Sat 11:30 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Juan Riaza Dive into Scrapy
Sat 12:00 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Pierre-Yves David Mercurial, with real python bites MP4 video
Sat 12:30 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Jonathan Slenders python-prompt-toolkit / ptpython MP4 video
Sat 13:00 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Christopher Webber Federation and Python webapps MP4 video
Sat 13:30 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Harry Percival Let's build a spreadsheet app in Python MP4 video
Sat 14:00 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Jesús Espino Understanding CPython (3.4) Objects Slides MP4 video
Sat 14:30 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Benoit Chesneau Customize Gunicorn for your own business. MP4 video
Sat 15:00 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Saúl Ibarra Corretgé Python, WebRTC and you MP4 video
Sat 15:30 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Marc-André Lemburg When performance matters ... MP4 video
Sat 16:00 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Alejandro Gómez Gradual Typing in Python MP4 video
Sat 16:30 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Francisco Fernández Castaño Knowing your garbage collector MP4 video
Sat 17:00 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Laurent Peuch RedBaron MP4 video
Sat 17:30 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Francisco Fernández Castaño Extending Python, what is the best option for me MP4 video
Sat 18:00 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Romain Guillebert PyPy and the future of the Python ecosystem MP4 video
Sat 18:30 H.1301 (Cornil) Python Lightning Talks MP4 video
Sat 10:30 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Andreas Thienemann Welcome to the Distributions Devroom
Sat 10:35 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Johan Van de Wauw From Debian-GIS to OSGeo live and back
Sat 11:00 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Nicolas B. Pierron Nix, NixOS, NixOps
Sat 12:00 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Norvald H. Ryeng Upstream Downstream
Sat 13:00 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Brian 'redbeard' Harrington How CoreOS is built, modified, and updated MP4 video
Sat 14:00 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Lucas Nussbaum Are distributions really boring and a solved problem? MP4 video
Sat 15:00 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Ludovic Courtès The Emacs of Distros MP4 video
Sat 15:50 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Thomas Oulevey CentOS: Community build service and infrastructure. MP4 video
Sat 16:35 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Mike McQuaid Homebrew - The Good, Bad and Ugly of OSX Packaging MP4 video
Sat 17:10 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Philip Ballew Get more people intrested in your distros users group. MP4 video
Sat 18:05 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Michael Haubenwallner Providing an LTS distro with Gentoo Prefix MP4 video
Sat 18:55 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Andreas Thienemann See you tomorrow
Sat 11:00 H.1308 (Rolin) Legal and policy issues Tom Marble, Bradley M. Kuhn, Karen Sandler, Richard Fontana Welcome to the Legal and Policy Issues Devroom
Sat 11:05 H.1308 (Rolin) Legal and policy issues Julio Avalos Open Source by Design
Sat 11:45 H.1308 (Rolin) Legal and policy issues Jean-Baptiste Kempf Copyleft licenses and the appstores
Sat 12:15 H.1308 (Rolin) Legal and policy issues Jilayne Lovejoy SPDX: Debunking the myths and misunderstandings
Sat 12:45 H.1308 (Rolin) Legal and policy issues Aaron Williamson Crypto Wars 2.0 and the Free Software Response
Sat 13:30 H.1308 (Rolin) Legal and policy issues Anthonia Ghalamkarizadeh Mozilla ID - Developing and protecting a living brand
Sat 14:00 H.1308 (Rolin) Legal and policy issues Pamela Chestek, Sri Ramkrishna Fog of War - The GNOME Trademark Battle MP4 video
Sat 15:00 H.1308 (Rolin) Legal and policy issues Jeremy Allison Why Samba moved to GPLv3 MP4 video
Sat 15:45 H.1308 (Rolin) Legal and policy issues Amanda Brock, Andrew Katz Copyleft in Europe: How does copyleft interact with Exhaustion Of Rights MP4 video
Sat 16:15 H.1308 (Rolin) Legal and policy issues Richard Fontana Towards legal criteria for best practices in free software/open source development MP4 video
Sat 17:00 H.1308 (Rolin) Legal and policy issues Deb Nicholson Software Patent Litigation Data: What Have We Learned? MP4 video
Sat 17:30 H.1308 (Rolin) Legal and policy issues Bradley M. Kuhn Fork and Ignore: Fighting a GPL Violation By Coding Instead Slides MP4 video
Sat 18:25 H.1308 (Rolin) Legal and policy issues Eli Greenbaum Discrimination & Reciprocity MP4 video
Sat 10:30 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Configuration management Ryan Coleman How to have a constructive conversation about awful infrastructure code
Sat 11:30 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Configuration management Adrien Thebo Better Devops through Thievery MP4 video
Sat 12:30 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Configuration management Jonathan Clarke Interfacing infrastructure as code with non-expert users MP4 video
Sat 13:30 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Configuration management Marc Cluet Consul first steps MP4 video
Sat 14:00 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Configuration management Daniel Lobato Contributing to Foreman: where and how MP4 video
Sat 15:00 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Configuration management Donnie Berkholz Is your community healthy? Metrics on the top CM software MP4 video
Sat 16:00 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Configuration management Marco Ceppi Orchestration of Services with Juju MP4 video
Sat 17:00 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Configuration management Spencer Krum Consuming Open Source Configuration MP4 video
Sat 18:00 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Configuration management Elizabeth K. Joseph The open source OpenStack project infrastructure MP4 video
Sat 18:30 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Configuration management James Turnbull Monitoring As A Service
Sat 10:30 H.2213 Open media Kieran Kunhya How to make professional media users care about FOSS
Sat 11:00 H.2213 Open media Matthias P. Brändli ODR-mmbTools Digital Radio Development
Sat 11:30 H.2213 Open media Andreas Tai Open source tools for new subtitle standards
Sat 12:00 H.2213 Open media Christophe Massiot Automatic Multicast Tunneling & Upipe: a Proof of Concept MP4 video
Sat 12:30 H.2213 Open media Emmanuel Aldeguer Why open source lets a broadcaster sleep at night MP4 video
Sat 13:00 H.2213 Open media Nathan Egge Daala Video Codec MP4 video
Sat 13:30 H.2213 Open media Romain Bouqueau, Cyril Concolato Producing media content for the browsers using GPAC MP4 video
Sat 14:00 H.2213 Open media Tim-Philipp Müller GStreamer in the living room and in outer space MP4 video
Sat 14:30 H.2213 Open media Vittorio Giovara Vimeo and the open source community MP4 video
Sat 15:00 H.2213 Open media Jean-Baptiste Kempf VLC 2.2.0 MP4 video
Sat 15:30 H.2213 Open media Michael Dale, Itay Kinnrot, Steve Heffernan, Pablo Schklowsky Web Video Players Architecture & Open Source Community MP4 video
Sat 16:15 H.2213 Open media Martijn Kaijser, Ejal de Klerk Kodi mediacenter (XBMC) past, present and future. MP4 video
Sat 16:45 H.2213 Open media Dave Rice Enabling video preservation through open source MP4 video
Sat 17:15 H.2213 Open media Jess Portnoy, Zohar Babin Harnessing FOSS in an End to End Online Video Platform MP4 video
Sat 17:40 H.2213 Open media Hadar Weiss Peer5 content delivery network and how it uses WebRTC and FOSS MP4 video
Sat 18:15 H.2213 Open media Kieran Kunhya, Michael Dale, Mathias Coinchon, Frans Wrapup, conclusion of Open Media Devroom
Sat 10:30 H.2214 Lisp Kai Selgrad Common Lisp-Style Macroexpansion applied to C
Sat 11:20 H.2214 Lisp Hagen Tönnies Wikipedia Text Reflector
Sat 12:00 H.2214 Lisp Emanuel Berg Emacs Lisp (Elisp) small and useful programs
Sat 13:10 H.2214 Lisp Robert Virding LFE - a Lisp on the Erlang VM
Sat 14:10 H.2214 Lisp Basile Starynkevitch GCC-MELT
Sat 15:20 H.2214 Lisp Kevin Corcoran Puppet Plus Parentheses
Sat 16:00 H.2214 Lisp Pete Williamson Emacs and Elisp on the Chromebook MP4 video
Sat 17:10 H.2214 Lisp Tom Hall Escaping DSL Hell By Having Parenthesis All The Way Down
Sat 11:00 H.3227 Certification BSDCG Team BSDCG Exam Session
Sat 10:30 AW1.120 Valgrind Lukas Berk Valgrind Integration in the Eclipse IDE
Sat 11:30 AW1.120 Valgrind Philippe Waroquiers Tuning Valgrind for your Workload
Sat 12:30 AW1.120 Valgrind Stavros Kaparelos Extending Cachegrind: L2 Cache Inclusion & TLB Measuring
Sat 14:00 AW1.120 Valgrind Philippe Waroquiers Running Valgrind on multiple processors
Sat 15:00 AW1.120 Valgrind Julian Seward Partial inlining of Memcheck helper function fast paths
Sat 16:00 AW1.120 Valgrind Mark Wielaard How to start hacking on Valgrind by example
Sat 17:00 AW1.120 Valgrind Valgrind Hackaton
Sat 10:30 AW1.121 BSD Pierre Pronchery EdgeBSD: Status report
Sat 11:45 AW1.121 BSD Daniel Kolesa Enlightenment, a cross-platform window manager and toolkit
Sat 13:05 AW1.121 BSD Fabian Keil Fuzzing (on) FreeBSD Slides
Sat 14:15 AW1.121 BSD Olivier Cochard-Labbé BSD Router Project
Sat 15:05 AW1.121 BSD Roger Pau Monné FreeBSD/Xen status update
Sat 16:05 AW1.121 BSD Baptiste Daroussin 4 years of pkg(8)
Sat 10:30 AW1.124 Ada Arrival & Informal Discussions
Sat 11:00 AW1.124 Ada Dirk Craeynest Welcome
Sat 11:05 AW1.124 Ada Jérémy Rosen Ada, an Introduction
Sat 12:00 AW1.124 Ada Serge Vanschoenwinkel Building a GUI for an Ada Application with GtkAda
Sat 13:00 AW1.124 Ada Jan Verschelde Opening the Development of PHCpack MP4 video
Sat 13:30 AW1.124 Ada Informal Discussions
Sat 14:00 AW1.124 Ada Jacob Sparre Andersen Contract-based Programming - A Route to Finding Bugs Earlier MP4 video
Sat 15:00 AW1.124 Ada Tristan Gingold Ada for ARM Bare Board MP4 video
Sat 16:00 AW1.124 Ada Ludovic Brenta Multithreading Made Easy, part 3 - Bounded Work Queues MP4 video
Sat 17:00 AW1.124 Ada Serge Vanschoenwinkel 2D Drawing with Ada and Cairo MP4 video
Sat 18:00 AW1.124 Ada Graham Stark Building Economic Simulations in Ada MP4 video
Sat 18:30 AW1.124 Ada Informal Discussions & Closing
Sat 10:30 AW1.125 Graph processing Achim Friedland, Pere Urbon-Bayes Welcome to the GraphDevroom
Sat 10:45 AW1.125 Graph processing Vasia Kalavri Large-scale graph processing with Apache Flink
Sat 11:30 AW1.125 Graph processing Paul Girard Manylines
Sat 12:30 AW1.125 Graph processing Emanuele Tagliaferri, Enrico Risa Time flows on Graph
Sat 13:30 AW1.125 Graph processing Alexis Jacomy sigma.js, two years later
Sat 14:45 AW1.125 Graph processing Axel Morgner Using Neo4j as a Document Database
Sat 15:30 AW1.125 Graph processing Mark Needham Analysing London's NoSQL meetups using R & Graphs
Sat 16:00 AW1.125 Graph processing Kenny Bastani Big Graph Analytics on Neo4j with Apache Spark
Sat 17:00 AW1.125 Graph processing Michal Bachman Recommendation Engines with Graph Databases
Sat 17:30 AW1.125 Graph processing Courtney Robinson (zcourts) Tesseract: Distributed Graph Database and Computation platform
Sat 18:00 AW1.125 Graph processing Christophe Willemsen Graphgen - Graph prototyping made easy
Sat 11:00 AW1.126 PostgreSQL Dimitri Fontaine You'd better have tested backups...
Sat 12:00 AW1.126 PostgreSQL Heikki Linnakangas New WAL record format in PostgreSQL 9.5
Sat 13:00 AW1.126 PostgreSQL Christophe Pettus JSON and PostgreSQL, the State of the Art
Sat 14:00 AW1.126 PostgreSQL Ronan Dunklau Foreign Data Wrappers in PostgreSQL : Where are we now ?
Sat 15:00 AW1.126 PostgreSQL Markus Winand Modern SQL in PostgreSQL
Sat 16:00 AW1.126 PostgreSQL Christoph Berg Large Scale Quality Assurance in the PostgreSQL Ecosystem
Sat 10:30 UA2.114 (Baudoux) Open source search Leslie Hawthorn Welcoming Remarks
Sat 10:35 UA2.114 (Baudoux) Open source search Vlad Fedorkov Sphinx Search technical highlights
Sat 11:25 UA2.114 (Baudoux) Open source search Anna Ohanyan Effective spelling correction with term relation graphs using Lucene FSTs MP4 video
Sat 12:15 UA2.114 (Baudoux) Open source search Florian Lautenschlager Apache Solr as a compressed, scalable and high performance time series database
Sat 13:05 UA2.114 (Baudoux) Open source search Alex Brasetvik Elasticsearch from the Bottom Up
Sat 14:00 UA2.114 (Baudoux) Open source search Uwe Schindler Apache Lucene 5
Sat 14:50 UA2.114 (Baudoux) Open source search Alan Woodward Searching over streams with Luwak and Apache Samza
Sat 15:45 UA2.114 (Baudoux) Open source search Nicola Buso EBISearch - Biological data search engine
Sat 16:30 UA2.114 (Baudoux) Open source search Christoph Goller The Typed Index
Sat 17:20 UA2.114 (Baudoux) Open source search Gustavo Fernandes Querying your datagrid with Lucene, Hadoop and Spark MP4 video
Sat 18:05 UA2.114 (Baudoux) Open source search Pere Urbon-Bayes ELK, making sense of your data (not just for logs!) MP4 video
Sat 18:50 UA2.114 (Baudoux) Open source search Leslie Hawthorn Closing Remarks
Sat 11:00 UB2.147 Certification LibreOffice Team LibreOffice Exam Session
Sat 13:30 UB2.147 Certification LPI Team LPI Exam Session 1
Sat 16:00 UB2.147 Certification LPI Team LPI Exam Session 2
Sat 11:00 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Thomas Graf Connection tracking and stateful services with Open vSwitch MP4 video
Sat 11:30 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Martin Loschwitz SDN for Massively Scalable Clouds
Sat 12:00 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Antonio Sagliocco, Alex Bikfalvi Midonet 101! Face to face with the distributed SDN solution MP4 video
Sat 12:30 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Luigi Iannone OpenLISP: Open source Locator/ID Separation Protocol implementation MP4 video
Sat 13:00 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Andy Wingo High-performance packet filtering with Pflua MP4 video
Sat 13:30 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Stephen Hemminger DPDK performance MP4 video
Sat 14:00 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Vincent Jardin Use DPDK and the Linux Kernel MP4 video
Sat 14:30 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Cory Benfield Project Calico: A pure Layer 3 approach to virtual networking. MP4 video
Sat 15:00 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Jérémy Rosen HAKA : A security oriented language MP4 video
Sat 15:30 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Renzo Davoli VXVDE: almost zero configuration virtual networking MP4 video
Sat 16:00 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Peter V. Saveliev [pyroute2] On the peaceful uses of the Netlink protocol MP4 video
Sat 16:30 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Jiří Pírko CANCELLED - hardware switches - the opensource approach
Sat 17:00 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Jan Včelák Knot DNS MP4 video
Sat 17:30 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Jeff Gehlbach, Markus Neumann Managing Networks in a Software-Defined Future MP4 video
Sat 18:00 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Tom Gundersen networkd status update MP4 video
Sat 18:30 UD2.218A Network management and SDN Thomas Haller NetworkManager v1.0 status update MP4 video
Sat 11:00 K.3.201 Open Document editors Tobias Madl Optimizing the Libre Office Main Loop
Sat 11:20 K.3.201 Open Document editors Michael Stahl C++11 and LibreOffice
Sat 11:40 K.3.201 Open Document editors Markus Mohrhard OpenGL backend for LibreOffice
Sat 12:00 K.3.201 Open Document editors Michael Jaumann OpenGLCanvas in Libreoffice
Sat 12:20 K.3.201 Open Document editors Bjoern Michaelsen LibreOffice IDE integration MP4 video
Sat 12:40 K.3.201 Open Document editors Tor Lillqvist PDF signing in LibreOffice: no longer experimental MP4 video
Sat 13:10 K.3.201 Open Document editors Norbert Thiebaud CI for LibreOffice MP4 video
Sat 13:30 K.3.201 Open Document editors David Ostrovsky New features in Gerrit Code Review 2.11 MP4 video
Sat 13:50 K.3.201 Open Document editors Miklos Vajna TextBoxes: complex shapes with complex content in LibreOffice Writer MP4 video
Sat 14:10 K.3.201 Open Document editors Michael Meeks LibreOffice Calc dependency & performance work MP4 video
Sat 14:30 K.3.201 Open Document editors Jan Iversen, Andrea Pescetti OpenOffice reaches out: the technical angle MP4 video
Sat 15:00 K.3.201 Open Document editors Markus Mohrhard Improving LibreOffice quality MP4 video
Sat 15:20 K.3.201 Open Document editors Jos van den Oever Torturing your software with 124 ODF file formats MP4 video
Sat 15:40 K.3.201 Open Document editors Jan Holesovsky LibreOffice Design/UX Easy Hacks MP4 video
Sat 16:00 K.3.201 Open Document editors Fridrich Strba Document Liberation Project MP4 video
Sat 16:20 K.3.201 Open Document editors Andras Timar LibreOffice and ODF MP4 video
Sat 16:40 K.3.201 Open Document editors Jan Iversen Corinthia a new idea for document handling MP4 video
Sat 17:00 K.3.201 Open Document editors Miklos Vajna LibreOffice on Android MP4 video
Sat 17:20 K.3.201 Open Document editors Jacobo Aragunde Pérez A vision about a LibreOffice document manager for Android MP4 video
Sat 17:40 K.3.201 Open Document editors Maurizio Berti, Giovanni Grazia Adapting Apache OpenOffice for adoption in a public administration: configuration, Sharepoint webdav integration and an extension to help users exchange ODF files MP4 video
Sat 18:00 K.3.201 Open Document editors Thorsten Behrens Lightning talk slot MP4 video
Sat 10:30 K.3.401 Perl Claudio Ramirez, Wendy G.A. van Dijk Welcome to the Perl devroom!
Sat 10:35 K.3.401 Perl Mickey Nasriachi CPAN is amazing, MetaCPAN is amazing, and APIs are great
Sat 10:55 K.3.401 Perl Stefan 'nine' Seifert Leapfrogging the bootstrap MP4 video
Sat 11:35 K.3.401 Perl Patrick 'pmichaud' Michaud How (not) to create a language specification for Perl 6 MP4 video
Sat 12:25 K.3.401 Perl Tobias 'FROGGS' Leich Binding C libraries
Sat 13:15 K.3.401 Perl Sawyer X Dancer Status MP4 video
Sat 13:55 K.3.401 Perl Curtis 'Ovid' Poe Perl 6 MP4 video
Sat 14:45 K.3.401 Perl Ricardo Signes Perl 5.22 MP4 video
Sat 15:35 K.3.401 Perl Tadeusz 'tadzik' Sosnierz "Fast enough” Perl 6
Sat 16:25 K.3.401 Perl Stevan Little Perl's Syntactic Legacy MP4 video
Sat 17:15 K.3.401 Perl Matt 'mst' Trout Devops Logique MP4 video
Sat 18:05 K.3.401 Perl Jonathan 'jnthn' Worthington Perl 6: beyond dynamic vs. static MP4 video
Sat 10:30 K.4.201 Java Mark Reinhold The State of OpenJDK
Sat 11:00 K.4.201 Java Mark Reinhold Java 9: Make Way for Modules!
Sat 11:30 K.4.201 Java Chris Friedt MappedByteBuffer.hurray()
Sat 12:00 K.4.201 Java Mario Torre, Severin Gehwolf Diagnosing Performance Issues Using Thermostat MP4 video
Sat 12:30 K.4.201 Java Benjamin Cabé Building an open Internet of Things with Java and Eclipse IoT MP4 video
Sat 13:00 K.4.201 Java Mario Torre, Roman Kennke Caciocavallo, or how we ported OpenJDK from embedded to cloud and still liked it MP4 video
Sat 13:30 K.4.201 Java Volker Simonis Packed Objects, Object Layout & Value Types - a Survey
Sat 14:00 K.4.201 Java Lyubomir Marinov Jitsi Videobridge in Cryptoland: the adventures of a Java WebRTC video router on the road to supporting 1000s of video streams
Sat 14:30 K.4.201 Java Edward Nevill The ARM microJIT, a JIT for the IoT
Sat 15:30 K.4.201 Java Andrew Haley, Roman Kennke, Andrew Dinn, Christine H Flood What Lies Beneath?: Lessons learned hacking the OpenJDK interpreter/compilers
Sat 16:30 K.4.201 Java David Gilbert JFree - The Long and Winding Road (Ahead) MP4 video
Sat 17:00 K.4.201 Java Nikita Lipsky Java restart with WebFX MP4 video
Sat 18:00 K.4.201 Java Volker Simonis Open Heart Surgery: HotSpot Debugging at the OS Level MP4 video
Sat 11:10 K.4.401 Ruby Yorick Peterse Rubinius And The Eternal Yak MP4 video
Sat 12:05 K.4.401 Ruby Emily Stolfo Ruby-red onions: Peeling back Ruby's layers in C extensions
Sat 13:00 K.4.401 Ruby Petr Chalupa Concurrent Ruby: low and high-level concurrency abstractions for the Ruby language
Sat 13:55 K.4.401 Ruby Charles Nutter Over 9000: The Future of JRuby
Sat 14:50 K.4.401 Ruby Chris Seaton, Benoit Daloze Truffle: A tour through a new Ruby implementation
Sat 15:45 K.4.401 Ruby Zachary Scott, Koichi Sasada, Terence Lee MRI vs. Father Time
Sat 16:35 K.4.401 Ruby Laurent Sansonetti Inside RubyMotion MP4 video
Sat 12:00 K.4.601 Graphics Cedric Bail EFL - A UI Toolkit Designed for the Embedded World MP4 video
Sat 13:00 K.4.601 Graphics Brad Nelson X11 on the Web MP4 video
Sat 14:00 K.4.601 Graphics Hans Verkuil Testing Video4Linux Applications and Drivers MP4 video
Sat 15:00 K.4.601 Graphics Hans Verkuil Video Capture and Colorspaces MP4 video
Sat 16:00 K.4.601 Graphics Jesse Barnes Sync points in the Intel gfx driver MP4 video
Sat 17:00 K.4.601 Graphics Samuel Iglesias How to test OpenGL drivers using Free Software MP4 video
Sun 10:00 Janson Languages Pepijn Noltes Modularizing C software with Apache Celix
Sun 11:00 Janson Languages Steve Klabnik The Story of Rust
Sun 12:00 Janson Languages Dana Jacobsen Design and Implementation of a Perl Number Theory Module
Sun 13:00 Janson Languages Larry Wall Get ready to party!
Sun 14:00 Janson Typesetting Benjamin Berg SDAPS
Sun 15:00 Janson Typesetting Simon Cozens Introducing SILE: A New Typesetting System MP4 video
Sun 16:00 Janson Typesetting Till Tantau Algorithmic Graph Drawing in TikZ
Sun 17:00 Janson Keynotes Ryan MacDonald Living on Mars: A Beginner's Guide
Sun 17:50 Janson Keynotes FOSDEM Staff Closing FOSDEM 2015 MP4 video
Sun 10:00 K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Security David Chisnall The CHERI CPU MP4 video
Sun 11:00 K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Security Gilles Van Assche, Joan Daemen, Michaël Peeters Keccak and SHA-3: code and standard updates
Sun 12:00 K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Time Tom Van Baak Precise time: from CPU clocks to hacking the Universe MP4 video
Sun 13:00 K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Time George Neville-Neil Computers, Clocks and Network Time MP4 video
Sun 14:00 K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Time Martin Burnicki Technical Aspects of Leap Second Propagation and Evaluation MP4 video
Sun 15:00 K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Time Poul-Henning Kamp Ntimed an NTPD replacement MP4 video
Sun 16:00 K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Time Harlan Stenn NTF's General Timestamp API and Library MP4 video
Sun 10:00 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Eyal Edri Validate your gerrit patches automaticly using magic hooks MP4 video
Sun 10:20 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Hisham Muhammad LuaRocks - fostering an ecosystem of Lua modules MP4 video
Sun 10:40 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Julien Kerihuel How to create your own Exchange compatible backend MP4 video
Sun 11:00 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Bron Gondwana JMAP MP4 video
Sun 11:20 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Matthieu Hazon Mail2Voice: an accessibility approach to mail MP4 video
Sun 11:40 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Eduardo Robles Elvira Agora Voting MP4 video
Sun 12:00 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Martijn Kaijser, Ejal de Klerk Kodi mediacenter (XBMC) past, present and future MP4 video
Sun 12:20 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Vadim Troshchinskiy Improving Key Signing Parties MP4 video
Sun 12:40 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Frank Karlitschek Cloud Computing: The Next Generation MP4 video
Sun 13:00 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Juan Julián Merelo All your cycles are belong to us MP4 video
Sun 13:20 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Felix Aronsson Datacenter Provisioning and Orchestration MP4 video
Sun 13:40 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Eyal Edri Fabricate your automated devops environment using python MP4 video
Sun 14:00 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Gratien D'haese Upgrade-UX MP4 video
Sun 14:20 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Qi Xiao Elvish MP4 video
Sun 14:40 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Pierros Papadeas SatNOGS - Global Network of Ground Stations MP4 video
Sun 15:00 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Dionysis Zindros, Sam Patterson OpenBazaar MP4 video
Sun 15:20 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Mike Kristoffersen Open source is not only for geeks and idealists in the (danish) health sector MP4 video
Sun 15:40 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Sébastien Jodogne Free and open-source software for medical imaging MP4 video
Sun 16:00 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Ramón Cahenzli Leihs, the leading free equipment booking system MP4 video
Sun 16:20 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Daniel Izquierdo Data, data and data about your favourite community MP4 video
Sun 16:40 H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning talks Frederick Ryckbosch Open source home automation MP4 video
Sun 09:00 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Virtualisation Vincent Batts Under the hood of Docker Containers MP4 video
Sun 09:40 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Virtualisation Federico Simoncelli Docker Integration in oVirt and IaaS MP4 video
Sun 10:20 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Virtualisation Andrew Vagin Live migration for containers is around the corner MP4 video
Sun 11:00 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Virtualisation Daniel Lobato Provision and manage Docker containers with Foreman MP4 video
Sun 11:40 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Virtualisation Kelsey Hightower Rocket and the App Container Spec MP4 video
Sun 12:20 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Virtualisation Ian Jackson Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse MP4 video
Sun 13:00 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Virtualisation Serge Hallyn LXD: The Container Hypervisor MP4 video
Sun 13:40 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Virtualisation Stefan Hajnoczi Observability in KVM MP4 video
Sun 14:20 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Virtualisation Norman Feske Transplantation of VirtualBox to the NOVA microhypervisor MP4 video
Sun 15:00 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Virtualisation Olivier Lambert Xen Orchestra: a web UI for Xen and XenServer
Sun 16:20 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Virtualisation Doron Fediuck Utilizing NUMA architecture in oVirt MP4 video
Sun 16:40 UD2.120 (Chavanne) Virtualisation George Dunlap CentOS Virt SIG MP4 video
Sun 10:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Dominig ar Foll Adding advance Connectivity and Security to an embedded project
Sun 11:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Philipp Klaus Krause Small Device C Compiler MP4 video
Sun 11:30 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Tim Sander Update on QtCreator for µC MP4 video
Sun 12:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Hauke Mehrtens Backporting Linux mainline drivers MP4 video
Sun 12:30 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Kévin Thierry Multi User support in an embedded secured environment MP4 video
Sun 13:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Daniel Stenberg Internet all the things - using curl in your device MP4 video
Sun 13:30 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Phil Coval (rzr) Porting Tizen to open source hardware devices MP4 video
Sun 14:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Paul Kocialkowski Reached milestones and ongoing development on Replicant MP4 video
Sun 15:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Alexandre Belloni Starting with the Yocto Project MP4 video
Sun 16:00 UB2.252A (Lameere) Embedded Xavier Moulet the bitbox console MP4 video
Sun 09:00 H.1301 (Cornil) PHP and friends Lorna Mitchell New Wave PHP MP4 video
Sun 10:00 H.1301 (Cornil) PHP and friends Matthias Noback PHP package design MP4 video
Sun 11:00 H.1301 (Cornil) PHP and friends Bastian Hofmann Profiling PHP applications MP4 video
Sun 12:00 H.1301 (Cornil) PHP and friends Wim Godden Beyond PHP - it's not (just) about the code MP4 video
Sun 13:00 H.1301 (Cornil) PHP and friends Sebastian Bergmann The State of PHPUnit MP4 video
Sun 14:00 H.1301 (Cornil) PHP and friends Sara Golemon PHP 7 MP4 video
Sun 15:00 H.1301 (Cornil) PHP and friends Nils Adermann Dependency Management with Composer: PHP Reinvented MP4 video
Sun 16:00 H.1301 (Cornil) PHP and friends Joshua Thijssen (Re)discovering SPL MP4 video
Sun 09:00 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Samuel Thibault Supporting accessibility in your distribution MP4 video
Sun 10:00 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Honza Horak SCL for bleeding edge stacks on enterprise MP4 video
Sun 10:35 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Stephan Kulow The Tumbleweed Factory MP4 video
Sun 11:30 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Lennart Poettering What's new in systemd, 2015 Edition MP4 video
Sun 12:30 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Stephen Gallagher, Matthew Miller Retooling Fedora MP4 video
Sun 13:25 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Haïkel Guémar Openstack on Fedora & CentOS
Sun 14:00 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Deb Nicholson Can Distros Make the Link? Let's Package the Customizable, Free Software Web of the Future! MP4 video
Sun 14:50 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Fabian Arrotin CentOS (community) Infra revealed MP4 video
Sun 15:40 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Richard Maw Live atomic updates MP4 video
Sun 16:15 H.1302 (Depage) Distributions Kaleb Keithley, Lalatendu Mohanty The CentOS Storage SIG and GlusterFS MP4 video
Sun 09:00 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops Christophe Fergeau, Pau Garcia i Quiles, Philippe Caseiro, Jerome Leclanche, Didier Roche Opening of the Desktops DevRoom 2015
Sun 09:05 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops Vincent Cardon WAPT, apt-get for Windows
Sun 09:35 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops Stefan Schmidt Lessons Learned with Time Based Releases for EFL
Sun 10:05 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops Michał Sawicz Ubuntu on phones and beyond MP4 video
Sun 10:40 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops Bruno Coudoin GCompris goes Qt Quick with the help of KDE MP4 video
Sun 11:15 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops Stormy Peters Mobile == Web MP4 video
Sun 12:05 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops Quim Gil, Andre Klapper Wikimedia adopts Phabricator, deprecates seven infrastructure tools MP4 video
Sun 12:50 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops Rob Taylor Application Sandboxing with systemd MP4 video
Sun 13:20 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops Andreas Cord-Landwehr QtQuick in Complex Applications MP4 video
Sun 13:50 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops Brad Nelson, Ben Smith Desktop Software on the Web MP4 video
Sun 14:25 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops Tom Hacohen Application GUI Design - Notes From a Toolkit Developer MP4 video
Sun 14:55 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops Sri Ramkrishna GNOME - creating ripples in the Linux eco-system MP4 video
Sun 15:30 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops Tom Hacohen Reinventing the Enlightenment Object System MP4 video
Sun 16:00 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops David "Blackmagic" Elahee The Haxe language as a transmedia toolkit MP4 video
Sun 16:30 H.1308 (Rolin) Desktops Øyvind Kolås MicroRaptor Gui MP4 video
Sun 10:00 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Testing and automation Thierry Carrez OpenStack Infrastructure tools you will want to borrow MP4 video
Sun 10:55 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Testing and automation Michal Slaski MongooseIM: Testing Massively Concurrent System MP4 video
Sun 11:50 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Testing and automation Aleksandra Fedorova CI as an infrastructure: components, patterns and problems MP4 video
Sun 12:45 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Testing and automation Helene Astier It’s not a bug, it’s an environment problem. MP4 video
Sun 13:40 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Testing and automation Eric Millin Appium MP4 video
Sun 14:35 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Testing and automation Katerina Barone-Adesi Property-based testing an open-source compiler, pflua MP4 video
Sun 15:30 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Testing and automation Isabel Drost-Fromm Make your tests fail MP4 video
Sun 16:25 H.1309 (Van Rijn) Testing and automation Justin Stoller It Doesn't Do What You Think It Does MP4 video
Sun 09:45 H.2213 Internet of things Pieter Hintjens Welcome to the IoT Devroom MP4 video
Sun 10:00 H.2213 Internet of things Arnaud Loonstra Orchestrating computer systems, a new protocol MP4 video
Sun 10:30 H.2213 Internet of things Stéphane Desneux Creating an IoT device with ease. MP4 video
Sun 11:00 H.2213 Internet of things Matthew Hodgson IoT through Matrix MP4 video
Sun 11:30 H.2213 Internet of things Stepan Bechynsky Using GSM network for IoT - CANCELLED MP4 video
Sun 12:00 H.2213 Internet of things Brendan Le Foll Working with I/O using libmraa on Linux MP4 video
Sun 12:30 H.2213 Internet of things Alexandr Krylovskiy Patchwork Toolkit MP4 video
Sun 13:00 H.2213 Internet of things Maxime Vincent picoTCP for Linux Kernel tinification MP4 video
Sun 13:30 H.2213 Internet of things Alexander Aring What's new inside the Linux IEEE 802.15.4 subsystem? MP4 video
Sun 14:00 H.2213 Internet of things Fabrizio Manfredi Put an "Actor Model" in your House MP4 video
Sun 14:30 H.2213 Internet of things Aurelio Colosimo, Davide Ciminaghi MCUIO/LININOIO - Virtualizing MCU peripherals MP4 video
Sun 15:00 H.2213 Internet of things Joachim Lindborg XMPP-IoT an open solution for things MP4 video
Sun 15:30 H.2213 Internet of things Benjamin Cabé Manage all the things, small and big, with open source LwM2M implementations MP4 video
Sun 16:00 H.2213 Internet of things Open space MP4 video
Sun 09:30 H.2214 Smalltalk Yuriy Tymchuk ViDI - The Visual Design Inspector
Sun 10:00 H.2214 Smalltalk Andrei Chis, Aliaksei Syrel GT
Sun 10:30 H.2214 Smalltalk Craig Latta Dynamic Distributed Computation with Smalltalk MP4 video
Sun 11:00 H.2214 Smalltalk Max Mattone, Jean-Baptiste Arnaud Embedded pharo MP4 video
Sun 11:30 H.2214 Smalltalk Stefan Marr Zero-Overhead Metaprogramming MP4 video
Sun 12:00 H.2214 Smalltalk Show us your projects
Sun 12:45 H.2214 Smalltalk Philippe Back Amber Smalltalk - Get Started & More MP4 video
Sun 13:45 H.2214 Smalltalk Onil Goubier Cirela, open source solutions to manage, monitor and prevent natural and environment disasters; an initial work MP4 video
Sun 14:15 H.2214 Smalltalk Marcus Denker Pharo: Status and Plans
Sun 15:00 H.2214 Smalltalk Stephan Eggermont, Nicole de Graaf Back to the Future
Sun 09:00 AW1.120 Security devroom Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos Software isolation in Linux
Sun 09:30 AW1.120 Security devroom Giorgos Vasiliadis PixelVault
Sun 10:00 AW1.120 Security devroom Thomas Calderon Thou shalt not leak your keys
Sun 10:30 AW1.120 Security devroom Simon Josefsson Universal 2nd Factor Authentication
Sun 11:15 AW1.120 Security devroom Martin Paljak Quickstart JavaCard development.
Sun 12:00 AW1.120 Security devroom Norman Feske Genode - OS security by design
Sun 12:30 AW1.120 Security devroom Teddy Hogeborn Mandos
Sun 13:00 AW1.120 Security devroom Romek Szczesniak Hybrid Cryptography
Sun 13:30 AW1.120 Security devroom Harm Boertien NetAidKit
Sun 14:00 AW1.120 Security devroom Habib Virji Web Security
Sun 14:45 AW1.120 Security devroom Hanno Böck The Fuzzing Project
Sun 15:15 AW1.120 Security devroom Tobias Mueller Two decades later - Signing OpenPGP keys in the 2000s MP4 video
Sun 15:45 AW1.120 Security devroom Razvan-Costin Ionescu, Andreea Brindusa Proca BIFUZ MP4 video
Sun 16:15 AW1.120 Security devroom José Bollo Security enforcement by privilege aware launcher MP4 video
Sun 09:00 AW1.121 Geospatial Johan Van de Wauw Intro geospatial devroom
Sun 09:05 AW1.121 Geospatial Julien Radoux Use of OSS in the Lifewatch biodiversity research project
Sun 09:15 AW1.121 Geospatial Darya Golovko QGIS Tool for Landslide Hazard Assessment
Sun 09:25 AW1.121 Geospatial Kay Warrie Opensource Desktop GIS at Regional and Local goverments in Flanders
Sun 09:40 AW1.121 Geospatial Hugo Mercier, Vincent Mora Bridging the gap between simulation and GIS Slides MP4 video
Sun 10:10 AW1.121 Geospatial Markus Neteler GRASS GIS 7: Efficiently processing big geospatial data MP4 video
Sun 10:30 AW1.121 Geospatial Moritz Lennert GRASS Development APIs MP4 video
Sun 10:50 AW1.121 Geospatial Peter Baumann Open Standards for Big Geo Data MP4 video
Sun 11:20 AW1.121 Geospatial Andrew Ross Scotty, I need a data in three minutes! (Or we're all dead!!) MP4 video
Sun 11:50 AW1.121 Geospatial Rob Emanuele Distributed tile processing with GeoTrellis and Spark MP4 video
Sun 12:15 AW1.121 Geospatial Johan Stenberg GeoTrellis and the GeoTiff File Format MP4 video
Sun 12:30 AW1.121 Geospatial Richard Pope Habitat - a programmable personal geospatial datatore MP4 video
Sun 12:45 AW1.121 Geospatial Mathieu Leplatre Daybed Slides MP4 video
Sun 13:15 AW1.121 Geospatial Frank Maes, Jan De Moerloose Taking Web GIS beyond Google Maps with the Geomajas Client and Spatial Application Server MP4 video
Sun 13:45 AW1.121 Geospatial Manuel de la Calle Alonso Mobile Map Technology MP4 video
Sun 14:15 AW1.121 Geospatial Markus Schütz Potree - Rendering Large Point Clouds in Web Browsers MP4 video
Sun 14:30 AW1.121 Geospatial Éric Lemoine OpenLayers 3: A unique web-mapping library MP4 video
Sun 14:55 AW1.121 Geospatial Guillaume Beraudo Ol3-Cesium : 3D for OpenLayers map MP4 video
Sun 15:15 AW1.121 Geospatial Roland Olbricht Overpass API MP4 video
Sun 15:45 AW1.121 Geospatial Hugo Mercier Tempus: a framework for multimodal trip planning Slides MP4 video
Sun 16:15 AW1.121 Geospatial Stephane Winnepenninckx Douglas-Peucker updated MP4 video
Sun 16:45 AW1.121 Geospatial Brecht Van Cauwenberghe PicoTCP on Mobile Ad Hoc networks MP4 video
Sun 10:00 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Guilherme Brondani Torri Qucs: overview, status and roadmap MP4 video
Sun 10:35 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Paolo Nenzi The NGSPICE circuit simulator MP4 video
Sun 11:10 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Wladek Grabinski FOSS CAD for Compact/SPICE Modeling MP4 video
Sun 11:30 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Paolo Nenzi, Guilherme Brondani Torri, Wladek Grabinski, Francesco Lannutti Panel Discussion on Analog Simulation
Sun 12:00 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Tristan Gingold GHDL: a libre VHDL simulator MP4 video
Sun 12:35 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Maciej Sumiński Adding VHDL support to Icarus Verilog MP4 video
Sun 12:55 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Javier D. Garcia-Lasheras High-Level Open/Free FPGA development tools from OHR. MP4 video
Sun 13:15 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Fabrizio Ferrandi Synthesizing gateware with GCC MP4 video
Sun 13:35 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Tristan Gingold, Fabrizio Ferrandi, Maciej Sumiński, Javier D. Garcia-Lasheras, Tomasz Wlostowski Panel Discussion on Digital Design
Sun 14:05 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Peter Clifton An introduction to the gEDA / PCB project MP4 video
Sun 14:40 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Wayne Stambaugh KiCad EDA MP4 video
Sun 15:15 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Kaspar Emanuel 1clickBOM Slides MP4 video
Sun 15:35 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Tomasz Wlostowski Interactive routing algorithms in modern PCB design tools MP4 video
Sun 15:55 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Peter Clifton 3D modelling, CAD, and its relevance to PCB design MP4 video
Sun 16:15 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Peter Stuge edacore: Less work for everybody MP4 video
Sun 16:35 AW1.124 Electronic design automation Peter Stuge, Kaspar Emanuel, Wayne Stambaugh, Peter Clifton, Tomasz Wlostowski Panel discussion on PCB design tools
Sun 09:00 AW1.125 Software defined radio SDR Track: Introduction
Sun 09:15 AW1.125 Software defined radio Tom Rondeau Introduction to Using GNU Radio MP4 video
Sun 10:15 AW1.125 Software defined radio Bastian Bloessl First Steps in Receiving Digital Information with RDS/TMC MP4 video
Sun 10:30 AW1.125 Software defined radio Chris Friedt Internet of #allthethings MP4 video
Sun 11:00 AW1.125 Software defined radio Tim O’Shea Rapid GNU Radio GPU Algorithm Prototyping from Python MP4 video
Sun 11:30 AW1.125 Software defined radio Sreeraj Rajendran Spectrum sharing applications with GNURadio MP4 video
Sun 12:00 AW1.125 Software defined radio Denis Bederov Arithmetic based implementation of a quadrature FM Demodulator MP4 video
Sun 12:30 AW1.125 Software defined radio Jan Kraemer Viterbi's little Helper MP4 video
Sun 13:00 AW1.125 Software defined radio Sylvain Munaut, Matt Ettus RFNoC: Theory and Practice MP4 video
Sun 13:45 AW1.125 Software defined radio Markus Heller To The Moon And Back. Software Defined Radio and High Power transmissions. MP4 video
Sun 14:15 AW1.125 Software defined radio Michael Hartje Some Results of experiments using Raspberry Pi as a transmitter for HF MP4 video
Sun 14:45 AW1.125 Software defined radio Raymond Knopp Inside OpenAirInterface MP4 video
Sun 15:15 AW1.125 Software defined radio Paul Sutton Open Source LTE MP4 video
Sun 15:45 AW1.125 Software defined radio Lars-Peter Clausen Using the Linux IIO framework for SDR MP4 video
Sun 16:15 AW1.125 Software defined radio Jean-Michel Friedt The power of cross-correlating: from GPS reception to passive RADAR using SDR Slides MP4 video
Sun 09:00 AW1.126 Open source design Roy Scholten Opening
Sun 09:30 AW1.126 Open source design Jan-Christoph Borchardt Building the Open Source Design community
Sun 10:15 AW1.126 Open source design Björn Balazs The Problem of Representativity
Sun 11:00 AW1.126 Open source design Christopher Webber User-land and developer-land chat
Sun 11:45 AW1.126 Open source design Christophe Strobbe Accessible Design in Open Source
Sun 12:30 AW1.126 Open source design Roy Scholten Bootstrapping user experience design work in your open source project
Sun 13:15 AW1.126 Open source design Hollie Lubbock UI design for open data
Sun 14:00 AW1.126 Open source design Michael Demetriou The challenges of open mobile design
Sun 14:45 AW1.126 Open source design Jan Holesovsky LibreOffice Design Team
Sun 15:30 AW1.126 Open source design Pablo Cúbico Every pixel hurts Slides
Sun 16:15 AW1.126 Open source design Bernard Tyers Closing MP4 video
Sun 09:00 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Frédéric Descamps Welcome to MySQL & Friends Devroom
Sun 09:15 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends René Cannaò ProxySQL : High Availability and High Performance Proxy for MySQL
Sun 09:40 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Norvald H. Ryeng Web mapping with MySQL
Sun 10:05 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Stephane Combaudon Using MySQL Global Transaction IDs in Production
Sun 10:30 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Shlomi Noach Pseudo GTID and easy replication management
Sun 10:55 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Luis Soares Zooming in on the New MySQL Group Replication Plugin
Sun 11:20 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Erkan Yanar Docker and MySQL
Sun 11:45 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Colin Charles Understanding & using authentication plugins
Sun 12:10 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Sveta Smirnova Moving to the NoSQL side: MySQL JSON functions
Sun 12:35 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Frédéric Descamps Undelete rows from the binary log
Sun 13:00 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Stephane Combaudon Multi-threaded replication in MySQL 5.6 and 5.7
Sun 13:25 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Luis Soares The New MySQL Replication Features in MySQL 5.7 and Beyond
Sun 13:50 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Justin Swanhart Materialized Views for MySQL MP4 video
Sun 14:15 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Maciej Dobrzanski Character encoding: breaking and unbreaking your data MP4 video
Sun 14:40 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Valerii Kravchuk gdb tips and tricks for MySQL DBAs MP4 video
Sun 15:05 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Peter Boros Visualizing benchmark data with R and gpplot2 MP4 video
Sun 15:30 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Vlad Fedorkov Capacity metrics in daily MySQL checks MP4 video
Sun 15:55 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Sveta Smirnova Performance Schema for MySQL Troubleshooting Slides MP4 video
Sun 16:20 UA2.114 (Baudoux) MySQL and friends Andrew Morgan MySQL & NoSQL - best of both worlds MP4 video
Sun 11:00 UB2.147 Certification LPI Team LPI Exam Session 3
Sun 14:00 UB2.147 Certification LPI Team LPI Exam Session 4
Sun 09:00 UD2.218A Mozilla Daniel Stenberg HTTP/2 right now
Sun 09:30 UD2.218A Mozilla Loïc Cuguen Firefox OS web API's MP4 video
Sun 10:00 UD2.218A Mozilla Panagiotis Astithas Using Firefox to debug web apps on any device Slides
Sun 10:30 UD2.218A Mozilla Tim Taubert Keeping secrets with JavaScript Slides MP4 video
Sun 11:00 UD2.218A Mozilla Florian Quèze What's new in Firefox? MP4 video
Sun 11:30 UD2.218A Mozilla Pierros Papadeas Participation metrics at Mozilla MP4 video
Sun 12:00 UD2.218A Mozilla Ali Spivak Maintaining & growing a technical community MP4 video
Sun 12:30 UD2.218A Mozilla Marco Zehe Reaching more users through better accessibility MP4 video
Sun 13:00 UD2.218A Mozilla Margaret Leibovic Privacy features for Firefox for Android MP4 video
Sun 13:30 UD2.218A Mozilla Jon Coppeard SpiderMonkey garbage collection update MP4 video
Sun 14:00 UD2.218A Mozilla Soledad Penadés Superturbocharging Firefox OS app development with node-firefox MP4 video
Sun 14:30 UD2.218A Mozilla Benjamin Bouvier, Hannes Verschore The Future of JavaScript MP4 video
Sun 15:30 UD2.218A Mozilla Josh Matthews Servo (the parallel web browser) and YOU! MP4 video
Sun 16:00 UD2.218A Mozilla Robert Kaiser Firefox OS Tricorder MP4 video
Sun 16:30 UD2.218A Mozilla Andrzej Mazur Building open HTML5 games for Firefox OS
Sun 09:00 K.3.201 Microkernels Vasily A. Sartakov Introduction
Sun 09:10 K.3.201 Microkernels Gernot Heiser seL4: Present and Future
Sun 10:00 K.3.201 Microkernels Matias Vara A dedicated kernel named TORO
Sun 11:00 K.3.201 Microkernels José Bollo The FLK project MP4 video
Sun 11:30 K.3.201 Microkernels Samuel Thibault Along the GNU Hurd RPC way MP4 video
Sun 12:30 K.3.201 Microkernels Networking (lunch)
Sun 13:00 K.3.201 Microkernels Jakub Jermář Autopsy of a multiserver deadlock in the HelenOS filesystem layer MP4 video
Sun 13:45 K.3.201 Microkernels Adam Lackorzynski Facing the Reality: What's new in the L4Re Operating System MP4 video
Sun 14:30 K.3.201 Microkernels Martin Děcký What Could Microkernels Learn from Monolithic Kernels (and Vice Versa) MP4 video
Sun 15:30 K.3.201 Microkernels Norman Feske Introducing a radically componentized GUI architecture MP4 video
Sun 16:15 K.3.201 Microkernels Vasily A. Sartakov Cloud services on top of uKernel
Sun 09:05 K.3.401 Go Jonathan Boulle Go at CoreOS MP4 video
Sun 09:50 K.3.401 Go Dmitry Savintsev Finding Bad Needles in Worldwide Haystacks MP4 video
Sun 10:35 K.3.401 Go Norberto Leite Moving MongoDB components to Go MP4 video
Sun 11:30 K.3.401 Go Tobias Schottdorf CockroachDB MP4 video
Sun 12:15 K.3.401 Go Brad Fitzpatrick HTTP/2 for Go MP4 video
Sun 13:00 K.3.401 Go Peter Bourgon Go and the modern enterprise MP4 video
Sun 14:00 K.3.401 Go Marty Schoch bleve - text indexing for Go MP4 video
Sun 14:45 K.3.401 Go Andrew Gerrand The State of Go MP4 video
Sun 15:30 K.3.401 Go Andrew Gerrand Go Lightning Talks MP4 video
Sun 09:30 K.4.201 Java Jens Wilke Cache2k, Java caching turbo charged
Sun 10:00 K.4.201 Java Severin Gehwolf Sustaining the zero assembler port in OpenJDK: An inside perspective of CPU specific issues
Sun 10:30 K.4.201 Java Jiri Vanek IcedTea-Web goes offline and beyond
Sun 11:00 K.4.201 Java Andrew Haley Life in the trenches
Sun 12:00 K.4.201 Java Charles Nutter InvokeBinder
Sun 12:30 K.4.201 Java Roman Kennke, Christine H Flood Shenandoah - Project overview
Sun 13:30 K.4.201 Java Steve O’Grady What Three Big Development Trends Mean for Java
Sun 14:00 K.4.201 Java Mark Reinhold Beyond Java 9 MP4 video
Sun 14:30 K.4.201 Java Heather VanCura JCP State of the Union & Progress Report
Sun 15:00 K.4.201 Java Dalibor Topić, Rory O’Donnell The Wisdom Of Crowd Testing OpenJDK
Sun 15:30 K.4.201 Java Mario Torre, Martijn Verburg, Dalibor Topić, Daniel Bryant, Mani Sarkar OpenJDK Adoption Group Q&A
Sun 16:00 K.4.201 Java Mark Reinhold, Andrew Haley, Georges Saab Meet the Governing Board
Sun 10:00 K.4.401 LLVM toolchain Hafiz Abid Qadeer Porting LLDB to a new Target MP4 video
Sun 10:40 K.4.401 LLVM toolchain Kristof Beyls LLVM's AArch64 support - history & status. MP4 video
Sun 11:25 K.4.401 LLVM toolchain Kai Nacke Extending the internal assembler MP4 video
Sun 12:00 K.4.401 LLVM toolchain Erkan Diken moviCompile: An LLVM based compiler for heterogeneous SIMD code generation MP4 video
Sun 12:40 K.4.401 LLVM toolchain Bas van den Berg The C2 programming language MP4 video
Sun 13:20 K.4.401 LLVM toolchain Bernhard Rosenkränzer OpenMandriva's switch to clang as its default compiler MP4 video
Sun 14:30 K.4.401 LLVM toolchain David Chisnall Adventures with LLVM in a magical land where pointers are not integers
Sun 15:20 K.4.401 LLVM toolchain Sevak Sargsyan Code clone detection in LLVM compiler infrastructure MP4 video
Sun 15:50 K.4.401 LLVM toolchain Brad Nelson LLVM on the Web MP4 video
Sun 11:00 K.4.601 Graphics Stefan Dösinger Wine Development Updates, Performance and the D3D9 State Tracker MP4 video
Sun 12:00 K.4.601 Graphics Thierry Reding Atomic Mode-Setting MP4 video
Sun 13:00 K.4.601 Graphics Axel Davy Native D3D9 on Mesa MP4 video
Sun 14:00 K.4.601 Graphics Alexandre Courbot Supporting Nouveau on the Tegra K1 System-on-chip MP4 video
Sun 15:00 K.4.601 Graphics Hans de Goede Replacing Xorg input-drivers with libinput MP4 video
Sun 16:00 K.4.601 Graphics Luc Verhaegen The Tamil Driver MP4 video