Several years ago I started collecting fridge magnets. From all places I visited. And put them on my fridge’s front door.

Soon there were tens of them. I was arranging them chronologically — by the time I visited that place for first time. But one day space was gone so I reordered them and got two empty rows.

In mean time I got few magnets from places I have not visited yet. They all ended on a side of the fridge. Freezer’s door was already occupied by my daughter and her collection of miscellaneous magnets.

Then I crossed one hundred. And the space ended. Several magnets landed on a side of the fridge.

It was a time when I started looking at buying magnetic board ;D

Below is the map which I use to keep track of my collection.

Short legend:

  • I visited it and have magnet from there
  • Still lack magnet from this visited place
  • Someone gave me a magnet from here