My collection of fridge magnets

Several years ago I started collecting fridge magnets. From all places I visited.

The rules

I decided to have some kind of rules to not buy just any random magnet:

The story

In 2011 I was in Orland, Florida, USA and had no idea what to buy as a souvenir for my wife. She got fridge magnet with “Someone went to Florida and all I got was this lousy magnet” written on it.

Some time later I started buying fridge magnets for myself.

Soon there were tens of them. I was arranging them chronologically — by the time I visited that place for first time. But one day space was gone so I reordered them and got two empty rows.

In mean time I got few magnets from places I have not visited yet. They all ended on a side of the fridge as freezer’s door was already occupied by my daughter and her collection of miscellaneous magnets.

Then I crossed one hundred. And the space ended. Several magnets landed on a side of the fridge.

Magnetic board

It was a time when I started looking at buying magnetic board. This is how it looks today (a bit organized at the top, chaotic at the bottom):

magnetic board with magnets
magnetic board with magnets

It was not best option as such boards are made from thin metal so heavier magnets required adding neodymium magnets to not fall apart.

The map

Below is the map which I use to keep track of my collection. Local names are used. For names in non-latin alphabets also latin version is provided.

Short legend: