There are several ways of contacting me.

Instant messaging

You may just mail me, catch me on IRC (hrw on Libera and OFTC networks) or Telegram. Eventually on Discord (as hrw#9467).

Social media

Mastodon and Twitter are places where I write some public posts.

I still have account on Facebook. All my posts there are marked private. Invitations to “friends” are mostly ignored.

Work offers

I have LinkedIn profile. No job offers please — I am satisfied with my current one and do not plan to change it.

Copying content

If you want to copy one of my blog posts to your website/publication then please contact me first. I may have ideas for content updates.

All posts were written by me and are licensed CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. I can provide them for commercial use.

Guest content

This is my personal blog. I do not publish posts written by other people. No sponsored posts, no press releases.

Hardware reviews

If you want me to review your hardware then we can talk how I can get one.