Maemo in QEMU N8x0 emulation presentation

Today is second day of Maemo Summit 2008. I had the presentation about running Maemo in QEMU’s N8x0 emulation.

From what people told me after it was made fine. I think that this is good as this was my first presentation in English πŸ™‚

All materials are of course available to download:

Upgraded home network

Today I unpacked new Ethernet switch — D-Link DSG-1008D “green” edition. It has 8 GbE ports so I hooked my devices:

  • Linksys WRT54GS
  • desktop with on-board Realtek 8111/8168 card
  • Lenovo T61 with Intel 82566M card
  • Dell D400 with Broadcom BCM5705M card

In theory only router is 100Mbps — rest are 1GbE devices. But not quite… I was unable to get Intel adapter (which use “e1000e” driver) to switch to full speed — it used only 100Mbps speed. Tried ethtool -s eth0 speed 1000 but it refuses πŸ™

What was a reason? Wrong cable… I tested all my Ethernet cables and it looks like I am out of real cat5e cables… This will have to wait then until I will end organizing my workplace as there will be rewiring of everything done.

And the Lenovo T61 working on 100Mbps only is not a problem as this machine soon goes back to it’s owner.

Dissapearing comments

As some of you probably noticed from time to time comment which you enter is not visible on site. This does not always mean that it got into moderation queue — sometimes it is somewhere but I do not have idea where and why.

Maybe it is because of software setup which I use: WordPress MultiUser + SpamKarma, maybe it has other reason. This does not change a fact that sometimes some comments just do not land.

And the funny part is that I am getting e-mails with those comments contents without problems…

Finally moved

During last weekend we finally moved from PoznaΕ„ to Szczecin. New flat, new internet connection (10Mbps in, 1Mbps out instead of 3M/0.5M)…

Still lot of boxes to unpack, furniture to buy, paperwork to do but we are here and have much more space to live then we had before πŸ™‚