Thanks to Michał Roszka’s comment I can write how to pronounce my nickname “Hrw” and name of my company “HaeRWu” (both sounds the same):

A phonetic transcription in the International Phonetic Alphabet should help all non-Polish-speakers or at least English-speakers to pronounce “HaeRWu” correctly. It is: /hʌ eə vʊ/ or /xa ɛə vuː/.
How to pronounce HaeRWu

2 thoughts on “How to pronounce HaeRWu

  • 26th April 2007 at 18:53

    o_O it is really so hard to say ?

  • 27th April 2007 at 01:42

    Oh, my god. I wish I didn’t know the correct pronounciation. Much harder than Chinese …

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