Twenty years of OpenEmbedded membership

There are memberships I forgot about. Some of them remind from time to time with “we have changed rules” mail. Which usually are moments when I remove account from their system.

And there are memberships I remember never mind if I use them on not anymore.

One of them is OpenEmbedded.


I started using OpenEmbedded around February/March of 2004. Will not cover history here as I wrote several posts closer to those years:

I learnt a lot, helped people and companies, got paid by both people and companies, mentored new users and developers.

And got some friends in the OpenEmbedded community.


In 2007 we were discussing about creating official organization. During FOSDEM 2008 a group of developers met and it happened.

First it was OpenEmbedded e.V. based on Germany law, years later it became one of Software in the Public Interest (SPI) projects.

Developers joined, became members, attended meetings to vote etc..

During years, due to member being spread all over the globe, we moved from in-person meetings (with potential proxies) to online voting system.

And in last week I got an email with voting invitation. Of course, I knew that it will come — we have openembedded-members mailing list for a reason ;D

Sentimental value

For me my OpenEmbedded membership has highest value when it comes to my memberships. Sure, mostly for sentimental values but when I am at FOSDEM, I always visit OpenEmbedded stand, usually see some OE related talk in the Embedded devroom etc.. Similar at other events.

And my e-mail address in the domain still works. I do not use it but it has value to me.

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