Spam… who does not get it in INBOX.. I get a lot of spam each day — one day I got 70MiB of spam and because of that I started to use bogofilter. It does his work well — I trained it with over 1GiB of spam from my collection and it rarely gives me ‘false positives’.

But KMail which I used as MUA run bogofilter synchronously so when I try to get mail I have it frozen for few minutes. Maybe it’s time to switch to old times scheme and use fetchmail+maildrop to fetch/filter mails…

neverending spam problem

One thought on “neverending spam problem

  • 17th November 2005 at 21:48

    Some time ago I used to use fetchmail+procmail+spamassassin, and now sinse I’ve got access to unix (Debian GNU/Linux) machine again 🙂 I use fetchmail+procmail. I’m thinking of changing spamassassin in favor of some kind of bayesian filter though.

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