Nowe łóżko

Po długich poszukiwaniach i oczekiwaniu wczoraj dotarło do nas zamówione łóżko. Trzeba przyznać, że 220 cm długości robi swoje — no ale w końcu normy ergonomii mówią, że łóżko powinno być 30 cm dłuższe od osoby nań leżącej.

Teraz muszę się przyzwyczaić do faktu, że nogi mi nie zwisają..

UPDATE: niestety łóżko było wykonane badziewnie więc nadal szukamy — te zwróciliśmy.


After upgrading WordPress to current nightly I looked on older posts and remind post about getting Zaurus C760. Like teletubbie wrote:

Hmmm, when hrw gets the 760 device mentioned by Richard, then it will mean that it will be harder for me to resist a 7xx device in future, since this would mean really a value add to OZ support on these devices.

I did lot of changes to way how OPIE works on c7x0 (and other hires) devices. Version 1.2.1 (which will be released with OpenZaurus 3.5.4) has many size fixes and there are rumours that 1.2.2 will be released in spring due to my changes 😉

Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire

Yesterday I was in cinema with my girlfriend on ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ movie. After previous parts we knew that dubbing has very poor quality so we go for show with subtitles. Hopefully English used in movie was good so I did not have too much problems with understanding (it was hard to read subtitles and follow movie action).

On beginning I feel like watching trailer — so much content was ripped. But they atleast left important parts from book so it was nice movie. As always I tried to watch final titles to the end but there was so many companies which made visual effects that I decided to leave.

Btw — who is ‘best boy’ in movie crew? It always puzzled me.