New look

Yesterday I decided to give a new look to my website after I found Barthelme theme. It is minimalistic and it support WordPress widgets so I’m able to change sidebar content without touching line of code. Of course like always there had to be some changes done..

New OpenGPG key

Today I generated new OpenGPG key — lost older one. New key has expire date set to 2008-05-15. Old key info: pub 1024D/F0E65735 2002-05-31 Key fingerprint = ED1F 99E1 45B0 ABE9 17E9 0ED1 B31F F326 F0E6 5735 uid Marcin Juszkiewicz (OpenEmbedded/OpenZaurus/OPIE work) <> uid Marcin Juszkiewicz <> uid Marcin

MediaWiki is crap?

Today I tried to install MediaWiki on one of servers and failed. This monster need memory_limit set to atleast 20M or will fail. Target system has it set to 8M and everything which is hosted there works fine. All I got from MediaWiki installer was