The DaVinci Code

Yesterday I took Ania to cinema to watch “The DaVinci Code” movie. The book (my first in English) was interesting and it was hard to make break during reading so I was curious how good the movie will be.

I read few reviews of movie which was saying that most of action is kept. Friend (which did not read a book before) told me that action was quite easy to guess but as a whole it was enjoyable.

So I was ready to watch. The movie was interesting but too long — 2.5h for that kind of movie is definitely too much — we even started to sleep during watching (show started at 19:30 + commercials). Paul Bettany was great as Silas — rest of actors less. Audrey Tautou will be still “Amelia” for me. Movie itself was changed too much (compared to book) — I can understand cutting the scenes (who will watch 4h movie?) but not such drastic rewrites like for example scene in Roslyn where Sophie Neveu meet her grandmather but no word about brother (which was shown few minutes before).