Choosing laptop for Ania

My fiancee Ania wants to buy laptop to not have to use my desktop machine. So I started digging in catalogs of Internet shops and misc forums, reviews to check what to choose. There is a price limit so machine had to be lowend one.

After some digging I found Acer TravelMate 2423NWXMi to be best choice — Linux instead of Microsoft Windows, DVD-RW drive, WiFi 802.11g and panoramic (1280x800) screen. Found local shop which want 510 EUR for it (with 256MiB of RAM which we will upgrade to 512MiB to get it usable) so we will probably buy it in next weeks (I have to start own business first).

I hope that it will be good machine and will not require replacement during atleast one year. Does anyone used it and want to share opinion?

UPDATE: after talks with few salesmans I’m thinking about finding something other — Acer service support is called ‘nightmare’ too often…