Back to work

Vacations was nice but ended… Now it is time to be back to work, websites, Zaurus stuff etc… Time to follow OpenEmbedded migration to newer Monotone version (partially did it already on some of machines), look at OpenZaurus users posts & requests.

I will try to write something how was on vacations later — we did over 300 photos which need selection. Many of them are wallpapers which I will publish somewhere.

Instant messaging^W^WGaduGadu crap

Many people use IM (Instant Messaging) each day. There are many protocols available: AIM, GaduGadu, GroupWise, ICQ, IRC, Jabber, Meanwhile, MSN, WinPopup, Yahoo and probably some other…

I use IRC since my usage of Internet began, then ICQ started to be popular (and my Amiga was connected to academic network via Ethernet), about year later people started switching to GaduGadu and some time later I started using Jabber. Today I use IRC each day (you can catch me on freenode and IRCnet), two Jabber accounts, one ICQ and two GaduGadu (one for private contacts, one for coworkers). My favorite method of IM contact is Jabber, then ICQ (I do not count IRC here as it is not so one-to-one chat). I dislike GaduGadu for its lack of normal features, ignoring privacy and such stuff.

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Tosa and 2.6 kernel

Few days ago I flashed 2.6.17 on tosa (with unofficial OpenZaurus OPIE image) and I have to say that it was good choice. After fixing keymap (pushed into OpenEmbedded) and adding one script into apm (not yet pushed) I have machine which suspend/resume very fast, has working WiFi after each resume and behave better then it was with 2.4 (see my previous post).

But it is not yet ready for end users:

  • sometimes battery info report 0% — suspend/resume help
  • USB Host module lack Power Managment — need to be removed/inserted on suspend/resume
  • touchscreen is weird — horizontal lines got ‘pings’

Tomorrow I will get USB keyboard from friend so will test how it is — usage of external (wired) keyboard with PDA…

We made it!

OpenZaurus is released!!!

It took 4 months instead of few weeks, I lost motivation few times but finally it is done. I can not count how many times I had to build images during last week just to notice that something is wrong. Building world (all packages) killed dual Opteron machine once, took few days and I had to wrote many patches to get stuff built.

But it is worth it — users got nice system to use, based on recent kernel (2.6.16 — 2.6.17 was not yet tested) instead of shitty 2.4 provided by Sharp (let name of that company be forgotten forever).

What next? Vacations, then tosa fighting and maybe another release in September.. who knows..

Tosa USB experiences

Yesterday I got USB Host cable from Trisoft (donated like I wrote before) so I decided to check how it works.

First try was my TDK Bluetooth dongle which I got year ago. Installed kernel-module-hci-usb, connected dongle and it was not working. So I rebooted and after reboot and manual module loading I got hci0 shown in hciconfig output. But I was unable to do any scanning for devices.

Then I disconnected BT and connected my few years old 64M pendrive. Tosa did not even notice that change… so I did another reboot. After that I got /dev/sda1 mountable and working.

In next weeks (plan to have 2 week vacations) I plan to test some more USB equipment — plan to buy powered hub, already have multiport card reader, will borrow USB keyboard etc. And most important thing — test 2.6 kernel on tosa.