Yesterday I got USB Host cable from Trisoft (donated like I wrote before) so I decided to check how it works.

First try was my TDK Bluetooth dongle which I got year ago. Installed kernel-module-hci-usb, connected dongle and it was not working. So I rebooted and after reboot and manual module loading I got hci0 shown in hciconfig output. But I was unable to do any scanning for devices.

Then I disconnected BT and connected my few years old 64M pendrive. Tosa did not even notice that change… so I did another reboot. After that I got /dev/sda1 mountable and working.

In next weeks (plan to have 2 week vacations) I plan to test some more USB equipment — plan to buy powered hub, already have multiport card reader, will borrow USB keyboard etc. And most important thing — test 2.6 kernel on tosa.

Tosa USB experiences

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  • 5th July 2006 at 20:12

    Do U remember the small keyboard form logitech that my mom had? I can give U that for testing.

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