Valentine’s^WOpenMoko day

Yesterday was Valentine’s day. I took Ania to cinema — it was “Córka botanika” (FR: “Les Filles du botaniste”, ENG: “The Chinese Botanist’s Daughters”) movie. Interesting and worth watching — but I propose to not read reviews before because of end of the story. On IMDB there is a comment that it is another “Chinoiserie customized for Western tastes”. Maybe he is right but I do not care as I enjoyed the movie.

It was also day when OpenMoko project released source code, new website, wiki, bugtracker so it is finally possible to watch Neo1973 p0rn, read what is inside and other stuff. There are many interesting mockups of interface but current version of phone is not capable of making such graphics (quite slow CPU and no graphics acceleration at all).

To build OpenMoko framework we have two choices:

When I get phone it will contain OpenMoko built system but I hope that soon we will be able to make OM part of Ångström distribution.

Thanks goes to Michael ‘Mickeyl’ Lauer, Harald ‘LaF0rge’ Welte and other developers for creating something new and open in a moment when big companies try to close everything as possible.

openmoko phone