80’s music

Today I have 80’s evening. All after few clicks in Wikipedia… That was a time..

In our part of world (East side of Iron Courtain) it was hard to get western music. Those years I was fan of Eurodisco, Spacesynth type of songs.

Those Saturday nights when Bogdan Fabiański in “Studio Stereo zaprasza” played whole albums. I remember that it was at 22:00 with half hour break at 23:00 for some kind of audio book. From time to time some of friends got original tapes but most of available music was “officially” pirated (we lacked law which would take care of it).

Now many videoclips from 80’s are available on services like YouTube so I watched some which I nearly forgot but also many which I did not saw before. Too bad that many times they are low quality or have too big compression level with low of coloured artifacts and other bonuses…

And those moves, turn-arounds — funny isn’t it?

BTW — did you know that torn jeans mode was created by accident?