Got GTA01B_v4

Two Neo1973 phones I just got my GTA01B_v4 from UPS courier. This is send as “developer update” as package contains:

  • GTA01B_v4 phone
  • battery (charged)
  • Europlug -> US plug adapter (no idea what for)

After powering phone I started ‘DM2’ application which allow to make few simple tests of hardware. And let Mickeyl and Sean stop talking that Neo1973 has nothing common with “The Matrix” movie — the sound sample used to test audio subsystem is Morpheus telling Neo that he is “The One”.

What do I plan to do when I have two phones? First I will upgrade Bv4 to newer software. Then I have to decide which one will run OpenMoko and which Ångström — so I will be able to compare (now both has OpenMoko distribution installed). And I wonder will Bv4 recognize my SimPlus prepaid card (it is normal 250 entries sim) — Bv3 do not like it.

This time I had to pay customs and UPS — 109 PLN (~30 EUR) in total. And as this time it was sent to me as person not as company I can not add this into company costs. But it does not really matter — I have phone and this is more important 🙂

7 thoughts on “Got GTA01B_v4”

  1. Hello Marcin. Can U please put some more details about how much U paid and for what exactly on the openmoko wiki page?

    Best regards

  2. Found the add for the phone in ‘popular science’ read all the details but still cant figure where to purchase (says in the magazine they are $300 and can be purchased online. As well is this product compatible with a regular sim card?

    Thank you,

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