OpenMoko 2007.2

Yesterday Sean announced new version of OpenMoko software — so called OM 2007.2 version. It is redesigned, rewritten to make phone software more finger friendly.

What changed? Nearly everything :) Theme is lighter, applications are usable without stylus, there is no “scroll wheel” which was in 2007.1 and nearly no one know how to use it — instead of it there is a dragging by thumb or finger up/down in the list (also left/right). Everything is better fit to 285 DPI of Neo1973 screen. Main place of operation is new Today application which shows events from calendar, missed calls, tasks to do and allow to run any installed application. It also allow to switch between running ones. In summary — it is totally different stuff.

Why I am writing about this? As I work for OpenedHand I had a luck of seeing that stuff month ago — we presented it on our booth during GUADEC. More details can be seen on Thomas Wood post about OM 2007.2 and Chris Lord made video which show kinetic scrolling on Neo1973.

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