I cleaed keboard esterda

Yesterday I cleaned my Microsoft Natural Keyboard after few years of usage (keyboard itself is 12 years old). Whole process took me 3 hours, required 3 screwdrivers, bowl with water and some chemicals used to clean keyboard case.

Why 3 screwdrivers? Big Philips one to open case, second to take foils and rubber from case. Then flat one to take keys from case (only if they do not want to go out after finger press from inside of case). All keys were cleaned only with water as it was enough to get them clean. Case needed chemicals — I used “Pronto” anti-dust spray.

Completing keyboard was easy but gave me few problems. First I forgot about rubber used for space key and needed to unscrew electronics to put it back. Then needed to fix “Enter” key (main one, not numpad one) as it was working but very hard — it use hinge which as to catch key properly. After connecting to computer there was a problem with YUHJNM keys (as you see in post’s topic). Another unscrewing and fixing foil they were working.

The last problem was space bar which was working only in the middle. This key mounting is hardest in whole keyboard. To mount it properly you need to disassemble stamen from it and put it into it’s place in case. Then put key into case. Put keyboard keys to bottom and use flat screwdriver to put stamen into it’s place in key. After that keyboard should be fully functional.

Like I wrote it took me 3 hours but it was worth it. Keys does not block and keyboard is clean. Of course it is not white but what you can expect from 12 years old keyboard :)