Good bye ipkg, welcome opkg

During last days I was working on switching Poky Linux into using OPKG package manager. Today whole work was merged into trunk and we got rid of non-maintained IPKG.

What is OPKG? It is fork of IPKG (from done for Openmoko distribution. It has all usable patches from OpenEmbedded related projects merged and got some new features:

  • libcurl instead of wget for fetching
  • GPG signing of repositories is now possible
  • GUI package managers can have own callbacks
  • sends download progress updates to libopkg clients
  • marks packages that were installed to satisfy dependancies (auto installed)
  • additional command line option to remove “auto installed” packages
  • support for faceted classification (similar to debtags) – not used yet

And most important — it is maintained (which can not be told about ipkg).

7 thoughts on “Good bye ipkg, welcome opkg”

  1. My no 1 wish on package systems is policy. The signing is good infrastructure, but functionality is lacking:

    1) Install script must be optional, end user applications should not need them in general (think ipkg can do this).

    2) There need to be possible to set a policy for witch packages may have scripts (based on package source and/or signature).

    It’s fairly reasonable to run semi trusted software as a regular user, and SE-linux going more and more mainstream makes it even more and more reasonable.

    But it’s not reasonable to give a semi-trusted package maintainer full root-access.

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