Good bye Zaurus

Nearly two years ago I wrote about end of Zaurus production. This news ended on many websites around the globe (mostly without quoting source). But it was not end — Sharp was producing Zaurus clamshells from time to time during those two years.

In December 2008 there was another set of news that Sharp ends Zaurus production. This time it looks like real end. Marc from TRISoft told on OESF forum: “Last production run was March 2008. And we’re now out of stock with new units. Looks like it’s now really over and out.”

I ended my work on Zaurus machines about year ago. OpenZaurus was ended, I had job to do and other devices to support. But still from time to time I used my c760 for some debug sessions (usually in cases where QEMU was not enough). With serial cable and wifi card it was good substitute of developer board.

Today I got Atmel AT91SAM9263-EK board. Will work on it on Monday and it will be my main testing/development platform for some time. Probably next will be BeagleBoard or other OMAP3 based device.

at91 linux zaurus