Some time ago I got BeagleBoard for one project. It is B7 revision so new version of CPU (with ES3.0 whatever it means) but without EHCI USB port.

Device is nice and powerful but default package comes without any accessories. So I had to check my drawers for some addons:

  • SD card for rootfs (I use 2GB microSD one from my cellphone with adapter from other card)
  • serial adapter (I took one from my desktop machine which had 3 serial ports anyway)
  • power supply (got 3.5A one from friend)
  • USB Host cable (hacked normal A->miniB cable to behave like host one with gender changer adapter)
  • some kind of stand/legs to not keep board directly on table

Effect was good — board started, found USB hub and devices connected to it (currently only Ethernet adapter and Bluetooth dongle) and works fine. But using it with all wires floating is not good for longer time.

So I bought metal case for it:

BeagleBoard in a box

It is not finished at all — I just mounted BB and made holes for audio connectors. Current todolist:

  • cut some holes for connectors
  • put USB hub inside
  • make short USB host cable
  • put USB Ethernet inside
  • one power supply for BB and Hub

After all there will be still lot of space inside 😀

BeagleBoard in a box

One thought on “BeagleBoard in a box

  • 15th April 2009 at 11:09

    What serial hardware do you use? Is it something standard? I tried to purchase serial adapter from Digi-Key (specifically for BB) but – pitty – there were no serials available. What do I need then?

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