My devboards lost power source

When I returned from Linaro Connect Q3.11 I noticed that none of my Pandaboards are on. I though that powered them off before leaving but two days later I needed at least one online. Power cycling PSU did not helped so I took 5V/3A one from box and got board running leaving old one for inspection later.

Today I disconnected all cables from PSU and opened it:

This does not look good… So time to buy another 100-200W old pc power supply and adapt for use with developer boards:

This big white connector had 12V, GND, 5V lines which allowed me to charge most of my developer boards and usb hubs.

It served well for 2.5 years — now have to recycle it…

3 thoughts on “My devboards lost power source”

  1. This looks serious. Any idea what happened? Thunderstorm? BTW, this time you probably cannot wait, but I should have some spare power supplies from old PCs and would be more than happy to “recycle” them.

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