For something about 15 years I was using Debian distribution and ones which derived from it (like Ubuntu). Basically whole time I used development versions of them and amount of issues was nearly not existing. Now I run Rawhide…

For those who do not know: Fedora world contains four distributions: Fedora, RHEL, CentOS and Rawhide. All new stuff goes to Rawhide which is then branched to make Fedora release. Every few years Red Hat forks released Fedora and uses it as a base for new RHEL release. Then CentOS guys create new release based on RHEL. At least this is how I see it — others will say “but rawhide is fedora”.

I think that the problem lies in development model. All new stuff goes to Rawhide but at same time nearly no one is using it anything can happen there. For example my KDE session lacks window decorations, Konsole5 freezes on any window resize and the common answer for such issues is “You should expect that in rawhide”.

Going into Fedora irc channels with questions is just waste of TCP/IP pockets because in a moment when you mention rawhide it is like everyone fired /ignore on you.

And it is some kind of fun (for some sick/weird definition of it) to watch how people start development of packages just after Fedora releases something. They upgrade and then start to seek what interesting happens in rawhide and can be built.

Each day I am closer to go back to Debian/Ubuntu for a desktop with just keeping Fedora in VM for development of some packages.

Rawhide: unwanted baby in Fedora world?

3 thoughts on “Rawhide: unwanted baby in Fedora world?

  • 11th February 2015 at 22:05

    I think you’re rather overstating things. Quite a lot of us run Rawhide these days. Kevin Fenzi runs it full time on his main system. I run Rawhide full time from the time a new stable release comes out to the time the next release branches from Rawhide (so I’ve been on Rawhide since F21 came out, and I just switched to F22 Branched).

    The bug in KDE is marked as MODIFIED, and proposed as an Alpha release blocker:

    so it’s hardly had no attention paid to it. QA has run 467 validation tests on Rawhide nightlies since F21 came out, and we’ve already encountered and filed many bugs which have been fixed pretty promptly.

    • 12th February 2015 at 09:36

      Adam: this KDE bug was just one thing too much.

      I do not remember a week with stable KDE desktop in rawhide (with each day updates applied). Each day it is “will KDE session work or not” so I use XFCE more often than KDE nowadays. Sure, maybe it is fault of trying to keep with bleeding edge but I use Linux that way s since 1999.

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