Apple Museum Poland is a magical place

You may noticed that I am trying to visit computer museums when there is a chance. Recently I visited Apple Museum Poland in small village near Warsaw, Poland.

Museum is open during weekends and visits need to be arranged earlier (as it is in private house). It is easy to get there (Google Maps or other navigation) and totally worth it. Never mind are you an Apple fan or not.

What’s there? Apple computers from replica of Apple I, through misc Apple II/III models to Lisa, Macintosh machines, Powerbooks, iMacs etc. Some clones too. Some old terminals. Apollo Computer Graphic Workstation. And that’s not all.

There is a lot of attention given to details. Same monitors as in original commercials. Same setups.

Apple II with Sanyo monitor and disk drive Apple II with Sanyo monitor and disk drive

Apple III with dedicated monitor and some peripherals Apple III with dedicated monitor and some peripherals

First Apple modem under AT&T phone First Apple modem under AT&T phone

As ARM developer I could not notice that there was a shelf filled with first ARM powered Apple devices: Newton in several models.

Apple Newton PDA collection Apple Newton PDA collection

Computers… What about servers? How many people remember that Apple was doing servers? Big, loud machines.

Apple servers: x86 and PowerPC based ones Apple servers: x86 and PowerPC based ones

Of course like each museum that one also have some pearls:

Macintosh Portable in working condition Macintosh Portable in working condition

Duo Dock II docking station for PowerBook Duo Duo Dock II docking station for PowerBook Duo

Bell & Howell version of Apple II Bell & Howell version of Apple II

Marron Carrel Apple IIe Marron Carrel Apple IIe

There were also several non-Apple machines there. From that Apollo Computer Graphic Workstation to Franklin ACE 1200 (and some other Apple II clone). Also some industrial solutions.

Franklin ACE 1200 (Apple II clone) Franklin ACE 1200 (Apple II clone)

Apollo Computer Graphic Workstation Apollo Computer Graphic Workstation

NEC PC-8001A with peripherals NEC PC-8001A with peripherals

There were several other computers, accessories and peripherals exhibited. Lot of interesting stories given by museum owner. Incredible amount of stuff not available outside of Apple dealers network (like official video instructions on laserdiscs).

I could add more and more photos here but trust me — it is far better to see it with own eyes than through blog post.

Again I highly recommend it to anyone. Never mind are you an Apple fan or just like old computers. Just remember to go to Apple Museum Poland on Facebook first to arrange a visit.

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