cpufreq on Zaurus

Yesterday I did some tests how Zaurus C760 (ARM PXA255 at 400MHz) works with cpufreq enabled kernel (2.6.13-mm1). I have few frequences (100, 200, 300, 400MHz) and modes available:

  • conservative (300MHz)
  • ondemand (autoregulated from 100MHz to 400MHz)
  • powersave (100MHz)
  • userspace (let user set what he want)
  • performance (400MHz)

OPIE sysinfo benchmarks results:

Test name100MHz200MHz300MHz400MHz400MHz 2.4 kernel
Integer arithmetics (dhrys)115814231669348554466092450248
Floating point unit (seconds)15.506.423.722.773.11
Text rendering (chars/s)152354354633456
Gfx rendering (gops/s)311.17753.58860.251270.081441.00
RAM performance (MB/s)8.09, 4.6822.22, 15.1431.00, 18.1348.83, 26.4825.78, 16.17
CF card performance (MB/s, kb/s)16.77, 63.5625.53, 70.7330.76, 72.2748.52, 77.46not tested


Results are weird.. RAM performance under 2.4 kernel can be 26 MB/s in one test, 44 MB/s in other, 33 MB/s in another one. Gfx performance also jumps — 1440 in one attempt, 917 in another…

I cannot test CF card under 2.4 as I do not have pcmcia-cs installed (using pcmciautils under 2.6 kernel).