Another device flashed

Today I flashed my USB Bluetooth dongle to newer firmware — it had v134 from 2001 now have v524 from 2003 (nearly newest one). Getting needed data was not quite easy — TDK provided it with older drivers that available ones.

So currently I do not have not-yet-(re)flashed device… flashed mainboards bios, cd/rw, cd, dvd drives, gfx board, palmtops.. my other devices are not flashable.

As you can see I replaced “Links” part of sidebar with my latest bookmarks from service. If you want to check all of them then go my bookmarks.

UPDATE: hmm.. I like it 😉 I use because I was tired of keeping one copy of bookmarks at work and other at home. Both were not available when I needed them in other places. Now I have most of them available online in any place and I can share them with others…

What I don’t like in Debian

I use Debian since potato was unstable and I like that distro. It has many packages which are easy to make and all dependencies are resolved in install time.

But there are too many dependencies when I want to install something.. Today I wanted to build monotone-viz which is written in OCaml and use GTK+ for it’s interface. It also require graphviz. OCaml need Tcl/Tk, graphviz also need Tcl/Tk packages but why I need them? All what I want is one tool from graphviz package and Ocaml compiler. I have GTK+ in system, I can even live with a fact that another extra lib which monotone-viz need has OpenGL libs in dependencies but why I have to install lot of GUI stuff just to build one tool.

Thats why I like granular packages..

neverending spam problem

Spam… who does not get it in INBOX.. I get a lot of spam each day — one day I got 70MiB of spam and because of that I started to use bogofilter. It does his work well — I trained it with over 1GiB of spam from my collection and it rarely gives me ‘false positives’.

But KMail which I used as MUA run bogofilter synchronously so when I try to get mail I have it frozen for few minutes. Maybe it’s time to switch to old times scheme and use fetchmail+maildrop to fetch/filter mails…