Another Nokia product which I do not like.

I have Socket Bluetooth Compact Flash card — it’s Rev F so it is based on Nokia DTL-1/DTL-4 card and use dtl1_cs driver.

Card lack any developer documentation, does not survive suspend/resume which make it very hard to use in Zaurus (I have to eject/insert it after each resume), is limited to 230400 bps… And have some extra problems — each time when I have it in my Zaurus C760 I wonder “will it work this time or not?” because by most of time it is not even seen:

root@c7x0:~# cardctl eject;cardctl insert;cardctl ident
Socket 0:
  no product info available
root@c7x0:~# dmesg|tail -n1
cs: pcmcia_socket0: time out after reset.

Anyone want to exchange for any serial_cs based card?

Zespoły grające na weselach

W weekend z Anią szukałem zespołu na nasze wesele — byliśmy w czterech miejscach.

Muszę przyznać, że co jak co ale znaleść taką ekipę której da się słuchać to ciężko jest… fałszują muzycznie, fałszują śpiewając… Popularne problemy to wypadanie z rytmu, braki powietrza (wokalistka jednego zespołu brzmiała jakby miała zaraz zemdleć). Gościu od jednego z zespołów chwalił się, że oni nie grają na syntezatorach ale na prawdziwych instrumentach (2 gitary, perkusja itp) po czym puścił kawałek, który w oryginale jest głównie grany na skrzypcach — żenada to najlepsze określenie tego “wykonania”… To ja już wolę ekipę z “parapetem” przy której wiem, że większość czasu może będzie z automatu lecieć ale przynajmniej “brzmień” im nie braknie.

Inna sprawa to repertuar — niektóre zespoły mają przygotowaną listę utworów, inne nie. Czasem ta lista poraża… kawałki “weselne” z czasów kiedy nasi rodzice się żenili, mało jakichś “nowości”… Na szczęście z reguły można się dogadać, czego mają nie grać z tego co oferują — pytanie ile zespołów będzie o tym pamiętać w trakcie imprezy (na wypadek jakby ktoś z gości poprosił).

No ale nic to — następny weekend to następne zespoły do sprawdzenia i raczej trzeba będzie coś wybrać — w końcu ile można szukać…

Highlander: Endgame

Yesterday evening.. I finished watching Highlander trilogy.

Years ago it was “Highlander” at the cinema (later several times in TV) where all that started and at the end there was the only one. Eight years passed and “Highlander III: The Sorcerer” was released and again I watched it at cinema. And finally in 2000 they produced “Highlander: Endgame” movie which give some info why there is no Connor MacLeod in “HighLander” TV serie. Why I missed it before.. probably it was not popular at cinemas in this part of Europe..

Small note for those who think that I missed II part — I do not think that “Highlander II: The Quickening” is a movie about same guys — too much changed from good movie to useless crap.

Linux crashes

My home desktop became a bit unstable in last time and I do not have an idea why. The most irritating things is that Linux does not help with it. For example I watch movie and system hangs so badly that even SysRq does not work so I have to reboot. But after reboot I do not have any way to get info what happened (kind of dmesg from hang would be great).

When I used Linux on Amiga there was a tool to search for dmesg in whole memory after reboot. I want it on my x86 box.

2005 Timeline

I decided to write 2005 timeline to remind what happen in 2005 year.


  • We were on vacations in Gdańsk. It was cold, I got flu so had to stay at home.. Watched Star Wars Trilogy (DVD version)
  • OPIE: patched SysInfo to not show tmpfs mountpoints in Storage tab


  • Moved to new flat.
  • Bought ergonomic Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite and started using it at work.


  • Furnished flat.



  • My grandmother died…
  • We were on vacations in Budziszewo (small village near Poznań).
  • Celebrated one year with OpenEmbedded
  • StarWars III Episode was released — 00:01 is not best time to be in cinema but it was nice to be one of first who watched this movie in Poland.


  • I officially became developer in OPIE project.
  • [cc]smart donated me Linksys wrt54gs router/AP so I finally was able to use DLink CF WiFi card which I got with Zaurus C760
  • Started using OpenWRT distribution on router. I planned to replace it with OpenEmbedded based distro but lack of time…
  • OPIE: changed hardcoded fontsize in Checkbook into option.
  • OPIE: fixed checking of birthdays and anniversaries in Today.


  • I got engaged to Ania!
  • We were on vacations at my parents in Olecko.
  • Bought digital camera: Konica Minolta E500.
  • OPIE: Made Security PIN plugin resizable.
  • OPIE: Removed hardcoded fontsize from Date/Time prefs, Checkbook graphs.


  • We (Ania & I) were in Slovakia (Liptovsky Mikulas) on holidays. We visited local caves as weather was not good to go into the mountains (foggy peaks). During those tours I got a flu again in the year.. I bought ‘Da Vinci Code’ book there — it was my first book in English which I read.
  • OPIE: usability fixes for Light & Power prefs.


  • Wrote OPIE Notes (based on NoteZ)
  • Stylus which I used in Zaurus C760 fall from table and lost a tip. I had to buy new one — 3in1 from PDAir.
  • OPIE: fixed hardcoded fontsize in Date popup selector.
  • OPIE: removed hardcoded fontsize from Wellenreiter.


  • Started work on CompactFlash database — project failed due to lack of time ;(
  • OPIE: added option for switching scrollbar into OPIE Console.
  • OPIE: added option for configure icon sizes into Appearance prefs.
  • OPIE: fixed Button settings to apply changes without restart.
  • OPIE: fixed Backup and Restore to show list of backups to restore on start.


  • Moved bookmarks to service.
  • OPIE: made ‘activate’ to be default choice in PCMCIA applet (instead of ‘suspend’) as it is less confusing that way


  • Got 1G SecureDigital card from greentux — too bad that my main Zaurus cannot use it (nevermind which kernel I use).
  • OPIE: made Bluetooth PIN dialog resizable.

Happy New Year 2006

HNY… 10 years ago I had Amiga 600 and got ‘Happy New Year 96’ virus with some software. It was simple virii but from time to time I had system crashes which was not there before. I remember how I disassembled it and wrote my first Amiga util.. It was simple ‘antivirus’ app which read infected file and replaced some viri code by jumps to not get it initialized. It was simple, slow, written in Pascal but it worked 😉

Happy New Year for all!