Another Nokia product which I do not like.

I have Socket Bluetooth Compact Flash card — it’s Rev F so it is based on Nokia DTL-1/DTL-4 card and use dtl1_cs driver.

Card lack any developer documentation, does not survive suspend/resume which make it very hard to use in Zaurus (I have to eject/insert it after each resume), is limited to 230400 bps… And have some extra problems — each time when I have it in my Zaurus C760 I wonder “will it work this time or not?” because by most of time it is not even seen:

root@c7x0:~# cardctl eject;cardctl insert;cardctl ident
Socket 0:
  no product info available
root@c7x0:~# dmesg|tail -n1
cs: pcmcia_socket0: time out after reset.

Anyone want to exchange for any serial_cs based card?

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