I decided to write 2005 timeline to remind what happen in 2005 year.


  • We were on vacations in Gdańsk. It was cold, I got flu so had to stay at home.. Watched Star Wars Trilogy (DVD version)
  • OPIE: patched SysInfo to not show tmpfs mountpoints in Storage tab


  • Moved to new flat.
  • Bought ergonomic Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite and started using it at work.


  • Furnished flat.



  • My grandmother died…
  • We were on vacations in Budziszewo (small village near Poznań).
  • Celebrated one year with OpenEmbedded
  • StarWars III Episode was released — 00:01 is not best time to be in cinema but it was nice to be one of first who watched this movie in Poland.


  • I officially became developer in OPIE project.
  • [cc]smart donated me Linksys wrt54gs router/AP so I finally was able to use DLink CF WiFi card which I got with Zaurus C760
  • Started using OpenWRT distribution on router. I planned to replace it with OpenEmbedded based distro but lack of time…
  • OPIE: changed hardcoded fontsize in Checkbook into option.
  • OPIE: fixed checking of birthdays and anniversaries in Today.


  • I got engaged to Ania!
  • We were on vacations at my parents in Olecko.
  • Bought digital camera: Konica Minolta E500.
  • OPIE: Made Security PIN plugin resizable.
  • OPIE: Removed hardcoded fontsize from Date/Time prefs, Checkbook graphs.


  • We (Ania & I) were in Slovakia (Liptovsky Mikulas) on holidays. We visited local caves as weather was not good to go into the mountains (foggy peaks). During those tours I got a flu again in the year.. I bought ‘Da Vinci Code’ book there — it was my first book in English which I read.
  • OPIE: usability fixes for Light & Power prefs.


  • Wrote OPIE Notes (based on NoteZ)
  • Stylus which I used in Zaurus C760 fall from table and lost a tip. I had to buy new one — 3in1 from PDAir.
  • OPIE: fixed hardcoded fontsize in Date popup selector.
  • OPIE: removed hardcoded fontsize from Wellenreiter.


  • Started work on CompactFlash database — project failed due to lack of time ;(
  • OPIE: added option for switching scrollbar into OPIE Console.
  • OPIE: added option for configure icon sizes into Appearance prefs.
  • OPIE: fixed Button settings to apply changes without restart.
  • OPIE: fixed Backup and Restore to show list of backups to restore on start.


  • Moved bookmarks to del.icio.us service.
  • OPIE: made ‘activate’ to be default choice in PCMCIA applet (instead of ‘suspend’) as it is less confusing that way


  • Got 1G SecureDigital card from greentux — too bad that my main Zaurus cannot use it (nevermind which kernel I use).
  • OPIE: made Bluetooth PIN dialog resizable.
2005 Timeline