Debian 13th birthday

It was 13 years ago when Ian Murdock announced his new Linux distribution.

My usage of Debian started in ‘slink’ times. I chose it because there was no other maintained Linux distro for Amiga computers at that time (there was Red Hat 5.1 available but it was unofficial build without any support). After few installations of ‘potato’ I updated some parts of ‘Short Amiga installation instructions’. Then it got released and I moved to ‘woody’ (which was ‘unstable’ then).

But usage of Amiga with 720x480x4 screen and VGA mono monitor was far from comfort. I decided to not upgrading and sold it. Next machine was x86 desktop powered by AMD Duron — ofcourse it was powered by Debian. I started to use ‘unstable’ on it and still use it (but hardware was replaced by another AMD x86 platform).

Few years ago I had a plan to became Debian developer but then I found OpenZaurus and OpenEmbedded projects and they are taking most of my free time spent on computer things.

Why I use Debian:

Thank you Ian for creating such nice distro, thanks goes also to all Debian developers for keeping it alive.