As I already wrote I switched to amd64 platform and reinstalled Debian on it. Everything works now… except Firefox.

Yes Firefox… I understand that Debian developers decided to not ship it due some licensing problems. But there was discussion about Iceweasel instead of it — too bad that it was only discussion ;( Today I have few possibilities:

  • use Firefox 1.5.0.x which is old
  • forget about Firefox and stick to Konqueror
  • switch to Ubuntu which I do not want to do as I use Debian for years
  • build Firefox 2.0 from source
  • build Firefox 2.0 from Ubuntu sources

Probably will select one of last ones when will find some free time.

And Opera does not provide amd64 packages too ;(

UPDATE: I have Firefox 2.0 working now. To get it installed and working few steps need to be done:

  • add experimental into APT sources
  • upgrade libc6 and libgtk2 to ones from experimental
  • fetch firefox and libnss3 libnspr4 from Ubuntu
  • install fetched packages
Debian + Firefox browser + me = Argh!