Neo1973 and WiFi

FIC Neo1973 phone is more or less ready for developers. GTA01Bv4 will be shipped soon but it will not have WiFi. The reason is simple — creators did not found chip which will:

If everything will go OK then during Summer there will be hardware update which will add WiFi (they are meeting with Taiwan companies to discuss availability of good chipsets) and maybe faster CPU or more flash…

I have to admit that I did not understand why people want WiFi in phone so much… But this is because I mostly use wireless when I am at home so I can use my desktop machine. But when I had to spent two hours on Munich airport during way to FOSDEM (Thx goes to Secunet company which sponsored my plane tickets) I had an option to use WiFi (not free iirc) so with proper hardware… RSS, Emails..

But time will show what will be in GTA01Bv5 (if it will exist at all). Now we have to get used to current hardware and write software for it.

11 thoughts on “Neo1973 and WiFi”

  1. I’d like WiFi in my phone to be able to make free calls over SIP from home, school, work, friends , FON hotspots, etc…

  2. I plan to buy a new mobile, and propably itwillnotbe the neo1973 phone. Why? Because there is no camera on it.

    A camera is MUSTHAVE no matter what the resolution is (I prefer 2MP at least), because the of the following reasons: * many people take pictures where is prohibited for various reason * I always dreamed of a contact list where I have pictures from every people (I have many phone number, and of some I dont even know who is it anymore). However there is no good solution in this regard (the sony ericsson display the associated image IF you make a call) * there are some situation where you MUST take picture (car accident (it happened to me), ski, fun pictures) * take picture of a paper to read the content later. (exams, magazin, newstable) * take a picture of an important object.

    So a camera is MUSTHAVE.

  3. Super! That you’re actually trying to put in wifi before phase2 I think show how dedicated you’re in devloping this phone. I would L-O-V-E to have wifi. To browse the web, use Messenger, Skype, and since i don’t have a portable pc it makes the need even greater. Off course i could use gprs to some og these things but the prices here in Norway is ridicolously high, 3$ a mb. To darn expensive for a student like me.

  4. I don’t understand how you don’t understand. My mobile phone bill will plummet with a WiFi enabled mobile and VoIP. Most of my phone calls are at work and home, both of which I have access to a flat rate WiFi connection.

  5. Anthony: I ‘did not’ not ‘do not’… I know that one of reasons why WiFi is requested is VoIP calls.

    Maybe I used wrong words.

  6. I’d love if you won’t forget the gamepad on with 2x 4 buttons on each side of the screen. That will make or break the phone for me.

  7. W kwestii fi-fi. Ja też nie mogę zrozumieć po co ludziom przeglądarka w telefonie. ale jak juz jest to po co płacić za internet w komorce jak można uzyc darmowych hot-spotow

  8. WLAN is very interesting for free public mesh networks like which is already growing in cities like Berlin, Leipzig, Weimar, Vienna, Paris, Roma, London and many many more.

  9. Oh, I’ll tell you why wifi is a good idea. I moved my primary phone to SIP several years ago, and with my E61 mobile with wifi it automatically attaches to my landline any time I’m home or in the office, which are my two most common locations. I absolutely love that.

  10. As Jonas, I recently moved to a nokia E61. It’s a real pleasure to browse the web without having to go pick up a PC for small browsing session, or for just check if an email has arrived from the kitchen.

    I’ll never buy a pone without wifi anymore.

  11. WiFi is extremely important to me. Especially in a hackable Linux phone. Camera is not a big deal. I use the one in my Pearl, but not enough to make it a deal breaker.

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