In February I was at FOSDEM. As OpenEmbedded project had a booth there I took ProGear machine to show x86 machine running Ångström distribution. When I returned to home I had over 400 mails in inbox (result of few days without reading mail).

Week ago I was at Pingwinaria. This time I took laptop from Ania. It was Toshiba with 15.4″ screen and MS Windows installed… So big, heavy and without Linux. But I was able to read mails so only ~200 mails was left to read after conference.

After that I decided that this is a time to buy laptop for own usage. It will be used only for conferences or other trips so it does not have to be powerful but small and light. Few guys from #oe, #openmoko suggested IBM ThinkPad X31/X32, one suggested PowerBook with G4 cpu. So now I am looking for cheap, used X31 or X32 (with WiFi, Bluetooth not required but would be nice). Contact me if you have one to sell for good price.

Why not something faster? I was thinking about buying AMD Turion X2 or Intel Core2 Duo to have machine powerful enough to do OpenEmbedded builds but I have quite fast 64bit desktop now which also work as build box so no need for fast portable machine. And such beast would not be small…

It’s time to buy laptop…

One thought on “It’s time to buy laptop…

  • 5th April 2007 at 00:05

    I recently bought a fujitsu lifebook B series from ebay for ~350 euro for these purposes, and I’m very pleased:

    PentiumIII, 800MHz, 256RAM, 30GB HD, 10”, dual boot linux/W2000

    Cons: I have to carry a wifi pcmcia card.

    At ebay you can find interesting small out-phased notebooks that will serve well for most purposes. And while at home, it becomes a machine for testing or as a second screen.

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