After 3 years at Linaro I have decided to not continue my trip with Canonical. So now I am back to be on my own again.

I will not write why I made such decision but also want to mention that time at Canonical/Linaro was good. I learnt some new tools and added some of them to “avoid if possible” list. From products created and developed at Canonical there are Bazaar and Unity. Both have replacements which I like more.

What next? Will see — I had some meetings and discussions. But I am open for job offers of course 😉 It can be Debian or OpenEmbedded or Ubuntu or other ARM Linux related as long I do not have to move.

On my own again

One thought on “On my own again

  • 13th July 2013 at 06:47

    G’Day Martin,

    I gave you the patches for the EP93xx crunch processor.

    Not the only one. I am on my own at the moment too. I’m based in Brisbane Australia, so if you hear / know of anyone else looking for Embedded Software Developers, let me know too.

    PS. I’m typing this on my newly acquired Samsung Chromebook.

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