Thomas Kunze provided newer version of his SD/MMC driver some time ago. Today I finally got some time to test it.

Result is awesome as most of my cards works now — only RS-MMC from Nokia 770 does not want to behave. I posted logs into proper bugraport and Thomas told:

hrw: fine. so nearly all cards work now. I have an idea what your rsmmc might need.

So it looks like this one will work too soon. New test images for Ångström will be available probably tomorrow.

SD/MMC for Collie/2.6 progress

One thought on “SD/MMC for Collie/2.6 progress

  • 5th May 2007 at 01:00

    Kingston miniSD 1G – working Sandisk microSD 512M – working Sandisk microSD 128M – working Kingston microSD 512M – working Maxell SD 256M – working Sandisk Extreme III SD 2G – working Kingston SD 512M – working Kodak MMC 32M – non working

    So the results from my cards is pretty good. I wonder if the MMC has the same problems your rsMMC does.

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