Wrists == pain ;(

Yesterday evening was nightmare — after 2 years my wrists started to pain again ;( Especially right hand is worrying me — there are moments when tendons feel like being pulled too much…

During next days I am going to visit orthopedist to get any kind of solution for hands. Probably for start it will be some medicines and wrist brace like it was in 2005 year when I had problem mainly with left hand.

1 thought on “Wrists == pain ;(”

  1. Bad news to hear.. I also seem to get wrist pain and could recommend the Futuro wrist brace is pretty good. I also had to make a piece of elastic I could wrap around my fingers to stop me doing long finger jumps/streches. I also read a pdf about how finger muscles work and drop on to the keys to press them, the more I understand about how and why I use the keyboard and mouse the more effective and less painful my life is. I also swapped the mapping of control to caps lock and tab to backspace. And I installed workrave, which reminds you to take small breaks. The power is in your hands man!

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