There are nice things in Alix board design and few not quite nice.

Nice ones:

  • only 12V voltage needed (small external PSU is in package)
  • DC-DC converter on board (so no need for ATX PSU or PicoPSU + 12V external PSU)
  • slot for CompactFlash storage on board (no need for CF->ATA adapter)
  • miniPCI slot
  • low profile (board has height of dual USB connector)
  • 22 GPIO lines
  • 256MB of RAM soldered on board (so no space taken by memory slot)
  • no fan, no heatsink

What I do not like:

  • lack of ATX back cover for ports (so when you put it in case you will get big hole for dust)
  • lack of memory slot (even SO-DIMM one if someone want more then 256MB RAM)
  • ATA connector is 44 pin one for 2.5″ harddisks (looks like it is impossible to buy 2.5″->2.5″ cable in Poland)

So if someone know where to buy 2.5″ -> 2.5″ ATA cable in Poland then please write in comment.

Why Alix board is nice and why not quite

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