Today I have another day of OpenMoko 2007.2 testing. Decided to first look at list of bugs which I reported. Some of them was fixed in last weeks so I checked and closed them.

Now the main problem for me is the ‘GSM daemon’ about which I have a problem to say something good. It is so unreliable, dies in random moments… And cooperation between gsmd and OpenMoko apps is another thing — for example Dialer waits for network registration when phone is already registered. I had to restart Dialer to get it to notify that phone is ready for calling.

Situation does not looks good ;(

OpenMoko testing continues…

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  • 11th October 2007 at 19:41

    Not to mention that the openmoko developers don’t use the same gsmd source that is in svn, but the patched one from OE, since gsmd has no upstream maintainer…..

  • 12th October 2007 at 10:42

    Hi guys,

    I have the exact same itch with gsmd, would love to show people that this “brick” is actually a phone..

    I plan on doing some hacking tonight, my plan is to update uboot to be able to run it in pass-through mode, and then debug gsmd running on my laptop.

    I made some calls from libgsmd-tool with the first images I flashed (official ones from 20070917). Current situation is that with the never official (and scaredycats 20070810) gsmd just hangs after the AT%CPI=? and AT%CPI=3 commands, every command following these gets no answer from modem (issued from libgsmd-tool in both shell and atcmd mode).

    Also I’ve had some wierd lockups while playing manually with the gta01-pm-gsm/power_on handle, anyone seen these? Never ocured with the init.d script, so it might be caused by gsmd running and still having locks on the serial port.

    So Koen, what you mean is that the gsmd development is spread between OE and OpenMoko, without any coordination?

    What’s the difference then, which set should I be looking at?


  • 12th October 2007 at 10:52

    Mikkel: OE applies some patches to gsmd to get it working better. OpenMoko use OE so has same set of patches used. But upstream gsmd (SVN) do not have those patches integrated yet.

    I am able to do calls with yesterday build of OpenMoko software.

  • 12th October 2007 at 11:31

    Ok, thanks for the clarification Marcin, then I’m only confused about who the upstream you mention is, if its not the OpenMoko project (didn’t harald make most of it?) or OE. Google doesn’t seem to find any official project…

    Great if yesterdays build works, are there images available somewhere? Guess you are using something you built yourself, since there’s still only rootfs from 20070917 at the official, and from 20071008 at the scaredycats unofficial).


  • 12th October 2007 at 11:41

    Mikkel: OpenMoko is upstream for gsmd, but they use it with some patches which are not yet integrated into gsmd itself. I think that gsmd upstream developers lack time to review all those patches so thats why they are not included yet in SVN code.

  • 14th October 2007 at 18:45

    We want OpenMoko asap please 🙂 We’ve wait enough. The iPhone is a constant tease for me(I’m living in Romania, so I can’t get my hands on one) and so is OpenMoko(for different reasons). When is the release scheduled?

  • 15th October 2007 at 00:11

    Wacko: I think that it will take some time to get OpenMoko ready for release. Now it is not yet ready to be used by normal users – too many things are not finished or just broken.

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