As part of OpenMoko testing I looked into Neod. It is a daemon which handle few interesting functions on Neo1973 phone such as launching Today screen (short AUX press), closing active window on short Power press and two menus.

First one is available on hold of AUX button.

AUX menu

Available options are:

  • Toggle fullscreen (state is remembered)
  • Swap orientation (calls xrandr to rotate screen to landscape)
  • Screenshot (calls gpe-scap application)

Second menu is available on hold of Power key.

Power menu

Available options are:

  • Bluetooth On/Off (disabled currently)
  • GPS On/Off (also disabled)
  • GSM On/Off (disabled)
  • Profile: Full PM (phone will suspend if needed)
  • Profile: Dim Only (backlight off if needed)
  • Profile: No PM
  • Lock Phone (phone will suspend to ram)
  • Reboot Phone
  • Power Off

Yesterday I looked into source code and pushed few changes to neod recipe — mainly added few runtime dependencies to get everything working. During evening I got idea that it should be GConf key so user will be able to define which direction screen has to rotate when “Swap Orientation” option is used from AUX menu. Resulting patch can be found in OpenMoko bug 929. I hope that it will be included soon.

My other idea is to drop xrandr command usage and use libxrandr directly. But this needs to wait.

Neod hacking day

2 thoughts on “Neod hacking day

  • 13th October 2007 at 10:50

    yay for neod hacking! I love hwo neod ‘just works’ on my motorola a780.

  • 13th October 2007 at 12:53


    I have some ideas on how to improve neod and made some changes in my neod version, that I will soon provide (once I ported it to the latest version…) You can see my wiki personnal page in order to see what I plan to implement. I’d like to have comments on that…

    Thanks. Alex.

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