Few days ago my wife brought some stuff from work. One of them was floppy disk. During evening when we were sitting and talking I saw that disk. After few moments of thinking I told: “Do you know that none of our computers is capable of reading it?”

Computers are changing so fast… I remember my first computer less then 20 years ago — it was Atari 65XE and it used data tapes for storage, then I bought 360KB 5.25” disk drive for it. Next machine used 880KB 3.5” floppies (Amiga 600) and 425MB hard disk. After another Amiga I bought PC which got 1.44MB 3.5” floppy drive which I rarely used. During few upgrades I was keeping this drive ‘just in case’ but finally decided that drive bay occupied by floppy can get better usage so it landed in drawer somewhere.

Now we use pendrives, memory cards etc. One of my phones has more storage then my first Amiga had, other has 128MB card which is unused but needed due to crappy card/SIM holder in GTA01 Bv3, other has 64MB card and last one has 32MB one.

And imagine that there are places where people still use floppies…