Cookies blabla…

This site is using cookies. Some of them are to track you as I use Google Analytics. Other may keep your name/email/website when you write comments on my blog.

We have new law here in European Union that visitors should get notification when website is using cookies. You know — privacy stuff etc. Lot of people does not even have any idea what this whole noise is about. There are websites for them with all that not even needed information — your search engine will point you there (and use few cookies in meantime).

I do not plan to add any of those annoying popups which will tell that there are cookies in use. Once you see such one you get cookie — cause website needs a way to remember that you clicked “yes, I know, get off my screen” button. You will not see such one here.

There is a text box in right column about cookies — go, read, decide would you read my blog or not. It is your choice and always was.

PS. I added tags into post just to get this post shown on each RSS aggregator I am/was listed.

UPDATE: added small header.

6 thoughts on “Cookies blabla…”

  1. Yeah, I’ve already seen these annoying pop-ups in lots of European websites. I wonder why the EU thinks they’re useful…

  2. This requirement for cookie warnings turned out to indeed produce many annoying results. Congrats EU bureaucrats!

    But to drill down to the core: “to track you as I use…” is an interesting statement. So I ask: Why do you track?

    1. I use Google Analytics for statistics. I also have few other plugins enabled which may add own cookies.

      Why do I track? To make my blog running in a way I like it to work? There is no user personal data stored anywhere here.

  3. If Google Analytics is not collecting personal data, what then? Which sites people visit and which links they click on sites?

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