Tomorrow I will go to England — this time for OpenedHand Xmas party which will take place somewhere near London.

This time I plan trip with more attention to details. First connections from Luton airport -> Bromley. It will probably be bus to Victoria Station, then train to Bromley South and finally walk. Return one from Bromley to Stansted airport will be two trains + walk (Cannon Street Station -> Liverpool Station) + train to airport.

As I had no time to buy London city map I will take Nokia 770 tablet with Maemo mapper and set of downloaded maps so I should not have problems like I had in Birmingham during GUADEC.

Preparing to next trip

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  • 11th December 2007 at 17:29

    I remember an interesting thing I noticed last FOSDEM, no one had any GPS devices. this especially goes for the open embedded team. after some searching I did find three guys that went outside, and where around some small device. coming closer I saw it was in fact a GPS from Garmin , these guys came to see if they can incorporate linux to their projects. as the new nokia n810 has gps build in , and also the neo1975, I do hope to see more software evolve. Here in Israel , the cellular provider Pelephone offers a way for perents to see where their child cellular is at. It gives a meaningful name of the city zone.

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