Today is 24 December — a day when some people celebrate Christmas. Some will celebrate it tomorrow as it depends where you live and how your culture handle it.

I want to wish Merry Christmas to all my blog readers — spend them with the ones you love.

Due to flu I will spend this year Christmas at home only with my wife. It was not planned to be this way but I hope that we will not die from boredom 😉

Merry Christmas

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  • 24th December 2007 at 12:38

    Some people celebrate Christmas on the 24th?

  • 24th December 2007 at 12:59

    Anonymous: say:

    In many cultures, a festive dinner is traditionally served for the family and close friends in attendance, when the first star (usually Sirius) arrives on the sky. In Slavic countries, it is known as Wygilia (Eve), and being invited to attend a Wygilia dinner with a family is considered a high honour. Unless attendance is impossible or otherwise too impractical, or if the person has made other plans already, turning down such an invitation, or not showing up can be considered extremely rude. Families in some Slavic countries leave one extra place setting for lost visitor (alluding to St. Mary and St. Joseph looking for shelter). Before eating everyone exchanges Christmas greetings with each other by giving a piece of Christmas wafer. There is a tradition of having at least 12 (or its multiple) Lenten (meatless) dishes. One has to try every single dish to avoid bad luck next year. Dishes are usually fish based, with Carp being very important i.e. in Poland. After the dinner children unpack presents from under the Christmas Tree. Later people attend a midnight Mass to celebrate solemnly the birth of Jesus Christ.

    In Poland it is called “Wigilia” and we not always attend “Midnight Mass”.

  • 24th December 2007 at 12:51

    Get well soon!

  • 24th December 2007 at 13:58

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Get well soon!

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