Hrw tag cloud widget

I use tags on my blog for years. First it was done with UTW and when WordPress MU 1.3 got released I switched to native WP tags.

The first thing which I missed was nice Tag Cloud widget. Default WP one just printed all tags without giving any control to user about how it have to look. So I looked at source and wrote own version.

How to use it?

Fetch archive, unpack into wp-content/plugins/ directory and enable “Hrw Tag cloud widget” in “Plugins list”. Then go to “Presentation/Widgets” and replace “Tag cloud” widget with mine. You will see configuration options.

Download archive.

10 thoughts on “Hrw tag cloud widget”

  1. Nice work Marcin. I was glad to see native tag support in WP 2.3, but was finding the default largest font too big on my particular site. Problem solved with your simple plugin 🙂

  2. Kann mir jemand einen Tip geben, wie ich anstelle von MEISTBENUTZTEN die NEUESTEN Tags in der Taganzeige oder Wolke angezeigt bekomme. Ich finde keine Einstellung dafür. 🙁


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