Zaurus kernel config generation

During last months I did few attempts to unify kernel configuration for all PXA Zaurus models (so no collie). As last one did not generate working ones and I do not have time to fix it (or devices for testing) I decided to release last version so maybe someone will look at it and try to get it fixed.

To generate configuration files run make.

2 thoughts on “Zaurus kernel config generation”

  1. So, there’re some tools, after all… Pity you didn’t find time to win defconfigman, it might took some effort, but might have been great step towards cross-device unification…

  2. Paul: I tried defconfigman few times and decided that it would be faster to write new tool then rewrite half of files in your tool.

    It is not good situation but I do not have spare time to do another attempt to learn/hack defconfigman.

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