Moving to London

After long discussion with my wife we decided to move to London, UK.

Why such move? Many reasons — I will name a few:

  1. Many of our friends are already there.
  2. I miss leaving home to go to the office (especially since I have small daughter).
  3. I miss contact with coworkers.
  4. More gadgets available at work.
  5. End of hardware problems as company provides it.

When will it happen? I already discussed it with Matthew and it will happen in June/July (to be able to travel to GUADEC with all OH guys).

UPDATE: No — I will not move to London. This post is (maybe a bit cruel) 1st April joke. More info in other post.

7 thoughts on “Moving to London”

  1. Witam(y) w Londynie 🙂 Gdzie konkretnie w Londynie zamierzasz się zainstalować?

  2. Dawid: not decided yet.

    OpenedHand office is in Bickley (BR1 2QZ) so would be good to get something nearby as I do not like to have too long walk to work (by last years it was less then 40 minutes).

  3. Dawid: yes — it is Bickley (edited my comment).

    And Polish is allowed in comments — I just nearly always write in English so my comments are in English too (exceptions are comments to posts in Polish).

  4. Brickley? I don’t know where is it, exactly. In fact, that’s the first time I hear such name 😮

    Btw, sorry for wrong language in first comment 😉

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